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GTKY: Show off your pets!


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  • @Rae1 I'm jealous of their pumpkin pie!!

    @cielaw89 I can't get over their ears - so cute!  It's amazing how similar they are to each other while being different mixes.

    @MrsLa3 Cone of shame... :D Jake is so handsome!!
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  • @Rojita omg so precious! My dog would love to get that much snow, so far this year we haven't got more than an inch or 2 at a time

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  • @kem0514 he's in his own little doggy paradise in the winter! We haven't had much snow at all over the last month or so (which is not common where I live) so this weekend's snowfall the whole family was out playing and he was just eating it up - both literally and figuratively!
  • @nikkiandchris after working at a vet I firmly believe in Ace. It can be a life saver.
  • BusyZee said:
    Ohhhh so cuuute I'm well jell. Everyone's pets are so cute! I really want a pet now!!!!
     I'm not sure I can take care of one properly though iv never had a pet :( 
    The only one I have hopes of getting anytime soon is somewhere inside me. 
    May I suggest a Cornish Rex? Best cats ever, AND hypoallergenic. So guest allergies are never a concern.
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