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Re: Symptoms Thread/Labor Watch/Stillpregnant Chatter w/o 2/13

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    margie2210 What my doctor indicated was the risk for women with AMA over age 40 (I had my son at 40 and was induced due to IUGR - not age) for stillbirth is high after 39 weeks.  She indicated that the over 40 crowd is as high a risk for stillbirth at week 39 as younger women who are past 42 weeks.  We were told they would induce no later than the middle of my week 39 (although I went into labor on my own) due to that stillbirth risk (I'm just short of age 43).  You may want to discuss with your practitioner, but it doesn't sound like there is much risk for you based on age alone.
  • Had my 39 week appointment and no change from the last 3 weeks, still completely closed and 50% effaced. I have an ultrasound setup now for next Thursday (day after my due date) and an appointment with my doctor next Friday to discuss induction timing assuming he hasn't come by then. The doctor (and DH & I) are hoping that now  that we have all of that set up this little man will decide to make his entrance on or before my due date!
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  • So many Febubabies already born today or will be soon based on all the new labor threads. I am definitely starting to get FOMO  :|
  • Up for most of last night with stronger BH and tummy/bowel cramping. But nothing progressed!! 39+6 today! 
  • Staying chipper is becoming increasingly difficult. I left work early yesterday with bad contractions. I knew it wasn't labor yet but didn't want to be there if things picked up. They settled down to cramping and I'm sitill pregnant this morning. 5 days post dates and just so ready to meet my little sweet heart.  It's unseasonably warm here so once I stop moping I think we will go on a picnic and hike. Once again, trying to remind myself to trust my body and baby. That DD2 was 8 days post dates and we had a great L&D. I also really don't want to go to church tomorrow and hear all the comments, but I don't want to mope around and miss service either.
    YES. so much this ^^ 
    FX you won't need to make the decision to go or not cuz you'll be having baby!!

    A picnic and hike sounds lovely! Enjoy!
  • Hugs @peachesnbean. I'm rooting as hard for you as you did for me! Fashionably late babies are worth it. 

  • Rooting for all of us! Hoping things get going since the end of February is closing in fast. @peachesnbean a picnic hike sounds great! We have 2 feet of snow so I'm jealous.

    Got sent to triage yesterday after an all day migraine and slightly elevated BP. While my BP was the highest it's ever been and over 140/90, my labs and urine came back fine so the let me go home. 40 week appointment on Tuesday when I'm overdue - hoping they will let me do a membrane sweep
  • 38 week appointment today, hubby FINALLY got to meet the MW(their schedules never met up). I'm glad he likes her as much as I do :)  Nothing much happened we just went over emergency procedures that could potentially happen if needed, but when she gave me a check over I was still measuring good and the baby was positioned well. No vaginal check this time but we agreed to do so next week.
    I've officially accepted the waddle, wasn't sure it was going to happen but the cramping in my inner thighs right at my crotch has gotten intense. Aside from that no new symptoms still.

  • *whiny pity party ahead*
    I don't even know what my body is doing right now. EDD is on Tuesday and I've lost all symptoms of any kind of impending labor. I had a huge show all day on Friday, but now it's like a desert up in there. OB said that a show usually means labor is imminent but it's been two days and I'm still pregnant. I'm trying so hard to be patient. But I feel so discouraged, no signs of labor yesterday or today. Not even a BH. I was so excited and hopeful after the sweep and show. I don't want to be induced but it feels like that's where I'm headed and I can't get over how sad I am. Weh. 
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  • Hang in there @LivingLaVidaGinger! You will not be pregnant forever. Soon you will have all the baby snuggles! But feel free to pity party here. Waiting for labor is miserable.
  • Sending so much love @LivingLaVidaGinger. It may sound over dramatic, but waiting for labor was one of the hardest weeks of my life, mentally. Do something nice for yourself, make your H do All Of The Things, and remember that many babies see induction dates as a challenge. 

  • I went from first contractions to baby in less than 9 hours with absolutely nothing happening beforehand! Hang in there, ladies. 
  • I totally feel you @LivingLaVidaGinger. I haven't even had a show or lost any of my mucus plug and my BH have been decreasing every week I get further along. It has to happen for us soon! I hope we both make it without needing to be induced. Have you scheduled an induction yet? I made mine for when I'm 41+4 so I can increase my chance of starting labor naturally. I just can't imagine having to wait until that date....
  • Hang in there, ladies! I remember with my son, I had "symptoms" like crazy from 38-40 weeks and once I reached my due date, everything stopped. I wasn't even achy anymore. I felt perfectly fine which was very discouraging. Then one night at 40+5, I got hit with intense contractions which sent to L&D within 2 hours of them starting. 

    I know it's annoying AF to hear at this point but definitely take it easy and do something nice for yourselves because this is "the calm before the storm" kinda thing.

    also, @lfrank12 I'm checking my inbox daily waiting to hear from you :smiley:
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  • I feel for ya @LivingLaVidaGinger (and everyone else waiting for labor). My sypmtoms seem to be decreasing too and I haven't lost my MP or anything yet and I'm due tomorrow. Feel free to pity party here, maybe if we're all at the party, it'll be SLIGHTLY less miserable! Hang in there girl, we are all so close.
  • Thanks for sharing that possibility @MommaBean !

    40wks today!
    +1 not a single symptom pointing toward labor to date. Not one real contraction, no MP, show, or really any discharge, no extra wave of energy or extra exhaustion...  no baby drop/preggo waddle. A whole lotta nothing!
  • +1 to not a single thing happening before labor actually started. Good luck everyone! I hope your babies come soon! 
  • I'm with you on the waiting ladies. Due date is today and it definitely feels like there are less signs of impending labor than there were two weeks ago even. We definitely didn't think I'd make it this far for sure. As of Thursday I was still not even dilated at all which was stressing me out like my body isn't doing what it needs. But for now I'm just trying to keep my mind busy, hang out with just the two right now and patiently wait for baby to get here. I am hoping it happens on its own this week though as I'd really rather not get induced. Scheduled for Monday the 27th at 41w1d. I will say emotionally it's pretty draining the waiting and I have cried a couple times about it. Nice long showers help, I've done some things for myself like a pedicure, face masks, etc. 
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  • I'm here waiting too :( Due date is Wednesday. I really felt like something would happen this weekend. I woke up to what I think was a single real contraction but then nothing else happened the rest of the day. boo. No other signs: no MP, no show, and less cramping/BH than before . . .
  • Still waiting here as well. Was due last Friday and had a membrane sweep last Tues, lost my MP on Thurs, and have been crampy on and off... But still here waiting, was really hoping this weekend it would have happened.  Have an appt tomorrow to check progress, have an NST and probably talk about an induction date.  My heart goes out to all the ladies in the same boat - it is so hard to just have to wait and hope for the best...
  • @MissMerciBeaucoup Felix is ready to sing the song of his people :p
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  • While I was at the doctor on Friday for a BP check, the nurse said that the doctors have a "counseling session" if you ask for a membrane sweep where they talk to you about why you want one. And then they only do it if your cervix is favorable. Anyone else's doctors do this? I'm afraid they won't give me one because I'm not dilated at all :/
  • Im due wednesday...ive had two sweeps so far and jack all has happened. My last appointment will be Tuesday and then ill likely be induced Thursday due to sizing.

  • @jlellis603 personally I think that's great! Membrane sweeps don't have have any solid data for their effectiveness and they *can* be risky. Especially for GBS+ moms. Plus there is a risk of membrane rupture that will put you on a clock, may involve pit and raise risk of a cesarean birth. And the sweeps are NOT fun. Especially the more closed you are. A 1cm sweep can be much more uncomfortable or painful than a 3cm and a lot of women are really taken aback by that. There is also a big push in the birth community regardinng informed consent and membrane sweeps are at the top of the dirty list. 

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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger i'm so sorry. i feel for you. after having prodromal labor also i feel your pain. 

    there are no words that help at this point. but thinking and praying about you. 
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  • @peachesnbean oh wow I didn't know they carried some if the same risks as an induction it seems like, thanks! I knew they were very unpleasant but wanted to try to see if one would jump start labor. I would like to avoid being induced and thought maybe that was my last chance. Since I haven't dilated yet, I'm guessing they won't do one for me. I just want a smooth labor as a FTM and as someone who has never stayed at a hospital, had any major surgery, and has a low pain tolerance. I feel very unprepared and anxious about the what-ifs
  • @peachesnbean oh wow I didn't know they carried some if the same risks as an induction it seems like, thanks! I knew they were very unpleasant but wanted to try to see if one would jump start labor. I would like to avoid being induced and thought maybe that was my last chance. Since I haven't dilated yet, I'm guessing they won't do one for me. I just want a smooth labor as a FTM and as someone who has never stayed at a hospital, had any major surgery, and has a low pain tolerance. I feel very unprepared and anxious about the what-ifs
    So they certainly aren't as risky as induction but they do have risks that a lot of women aren't aware of. Just food for thought! I've had 1 good sweep with each pregnancy at 3cm and I don't believe they've done me any good. Your cervix seems a little stubborn - have you talked to your provider about EPO?

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  • @peachesnbean my cervix is a little stubborn. I'm thinking that it has to do with the LEEP procedure I had a few years ago. The scar tissue can hold back dilation and then all of a sudden BAM I'm ready to go. Also I guess it is really high and posterior which makes cervical checks wicked fun. I asked about EPO  and RTL tea around 37 weeks and my doctor seems okay with EPO so I've been taking that orally. She didnt seem to keen on the REAL since I've been contracting for 6 weeks but I know that just atreghtens the uterus and doesn't really jump start labor. I've been trying all the "old wives tales" and nothing's done the trick 

    My hubby works out of the area most of the time, and is "close" this week because he is only 2 hours away, but he forced a week off last week thinking it would be the week. I think he jinxed it.

    2 weeks ago: 50% effaced
    Last week: 30%
    This week: 20%

    Zero dilation.

    The dr I saw yesterday was not my usual dr, and she said I COULD go two weeks past if I choose to wait. I am really praying to manage without an epidural (I have major back issues without being pregnant) but the dr I saw yesterday told me with no dilation and barely being effaced let me know if I were to be induced right now I would be at a much higher risk of needing interventions. I am really lucky overall- I am fairly comfortable and my only complaint is heartburn that I only have a few times a week and sleeping is getting much more uncomfortable, but other than that I am doing well so I know it is in my (and babys) best interest to wait, but OMG THE WAITING!!!
  • Also- so glad to see I am not the only one at or past my due date with no signs of labor. It really helps to know I am not the only one! I have a ton of friends, family and coworkers that are pregnant and due right around now, and most of them have gone early already...

  • Reading this makes me feel so much better. I'm the only February mama left IRL. Due date isn't until next Tuesday but my doula has me doing random things to get it going. Labor vibes to you all!


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