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  • Gah! My mom mentioned about a month ago that she "might" come visit this weekend, and then never mentioned it again. Today she asks "should I still come on Saturday?" as if it was something we had actually planned. When I said we were free Saturday but have plans already Sunday and asked if she was planning to stay over (she usually stays at my sisters, who is part of this whole conversation) she simply says "well I was figuring I'd spend the night...."  

    Well Mom, we have a couch you can sleep on, but our roommate often gets called to work in the middle of the night for snow removal, so unless you actually ASK sister about staying there, have fun with that. 

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have her visit, I just hate that in her mind casually mentioning something might happen once means we're all supposed to know exactly what her plan is and make the necessary adjustments. 
  • @kylieslip24 ; I'm glad you spoke to the librarian.  That thing about the "lost" book being on the shelf happens all the time so it is worth it to go look.  I'm happy it worked out.
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