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best baby products resource?

Pretty overwhelmed with the number of things that we need to (are told we need to) buy for baby and also trying to not buy cheap products that fall apart or are lead-coated (!). I've found a few good websites, babygearlab, checklysts, babylist and, of course, bump. anyone else have some personal favorites that can help us out? appreciate any tips!! 

Re: best baby products resource?

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    I go to Lucie's list for a lot of stuff. They will usually have a couple categories, like best value and top rated. I also read a lot of Amazon reviews on anything I buy just to get a feel for what people really think and how they last in the long term.

    My only tip is to only buy what you really need and keep receipts. Unless you have a very limited budget and need to bargain shop or a lot of space for stuff you can always buy stuff later. Even some things I registered for and thought I would love I found didn't work for how I parent. Also if you have friends/family with little kids you may end up with hand m down clothes/toys as you go.
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    Thanks Meg! Lucie's List is very good. Looks like I've got a few good resources! I agree to only buy what's needed. Better to buy quality products that can work well through several kids. Happy parenting!
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