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Moms that are pregnant and just finished nursing

I'm only asking cause I can't find anything online that's related, I may or my not be pregnant with #2 it's to early to tell, I just officially stopped nursing my 15 MO LIKE 2 weeks ago, my boobs hurt and I'm leaking very small amounts of milk but only from one side lol I know that BF mamas can leak for 6 months after they're done. my breasts don't feel full but the hurt I'm feeling is similar to letting down and I've been weaning for months so I feel like it's weird that I'm leaking, anyways my question is; is it all in my head that I'm pregnant again or have any other moms had similar experiences?

Re: Moms that are pregnant and just finished nursing

  • I quit breastfeeding at 11 weeks pregnant and kinda skipped over the sore pregnancy boob stage.  The only way to know for sure is to POAS once it's been long enough.  Are you trying for baby #2 now? 
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  • We're not preventing that's for sure, during ovulation my husband "misfired" and I'm currently 2 days late. We'd love to have a second and now really is good I don't  remember all the acronyms what's poas?
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