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Approaching labor?

Last night I was experiencing on and off intense lower back pain that would radiate to the middle of my back to the sides of my stomach, I was also having some abdominal cramping. This morning I still have the same feelings except their a dull sensation and not as intense. Should I go in to the hospital or is this normal to experience at 36 weeks and 4 days? Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated

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  • Call your doc and ask. Generally if they develop a pattern then it's more than Braxton hicks. Some people have sporadic labor pains for weeks before delivery. Good luck.
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  • Sounds fairly normal, maybe you had a lot of activity yesterday? I have that happen if I move furniture around, or do a lot of walking in a day such as when I'm running errands/shopping. What were you doing yesterday?  Generally if you're in labor, any pain you feel will not taper off, but get stronger as time goes on. I would put in a call to your doctor/midwife though, if you're uneasy.
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