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Raw sushi while pregnant?

I keep reading that having raw sushi while pregnant is actually not as bad as everyone thinks as long as the sushi is from a reputable place and as long as it is eaten in moderation. Has anyone been having raw sushi? I have a fellow pregnant friend that has been eating sushi throughout her pregnant in moderation (even tuna once in a while), from a sushi place that I know has extremely fresh sushi daily. What are your thoughts? 

Re: Raw sushi while pregnant?

  • I did on occasion when I was pregnant. And try to avoid fish high in mercury cooked or uncooked. I think the worry is listeria, which can also be found in spinach, hummus, and many other things considered ok for pregnant ladies.
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  • I went for sushi last week - I didn't have any sashimi but I did have a couple rolls of spicy salmon that had some raw salmon on it. I just avoid the raw and then don't have any red tuna (really just stick with salmon, crab, shrimp).
    It's not really about it just being fresh I guess, like PP said, it's the bacteria side of it - I've read that it's actually better if you have the flash frozen sushi because it's thawed before use and bacteria should be killed - for most sushi places this is the case. 
    Sad thing is last week I said the DH let's go for sushi because I'm starting to show and I'm not going to want to go once I am, regardless of if I just eat cooked or not, because I've seen the way others look at pregnant ppl in there and don't want to feel judged. There's a market beside work that has really good spicy crab rolls that I'll get to settle the once in a while craving. 
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  • My OB's guidelines for sushi was that it comes from a reputable restaurant (ie, no gas station sushi) and that I avoid the fish that are high in mercury (ahi tuna, swordfish, shark, and king mackerel are listed on my sheet). The primary concern is that raw meat is more susceptible to bacteria contamination (like listeria) since it's not heated to a point that the bacteria would be killed. But, getting your sushi from a reputable place that exercises good food safety should not be an additional concern.
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  • I have eaten raw sushi during both of my pregnancies. I just avoid high mercury fish and get it from a reputable place. 
  • You can pry the sushi from my cold dead hands. 

    I'm sticking to "cooked" sushi. California rolls (faux crab), smoked salmon, and Philly rolls were all pointed out to me by a waitress at my local joint as being cooked. I think eel and octopus are also always cooked, she said? Definitely ask when you go if you're worried. And yes, echoing the above to stay away from high mercury anyway, and eat sushi in moderation. 

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  • I personally wouldn't take the risk, but for me cooked sushi such as california rolls and philly rolls, as pp said really satisfy my craving. If you are concerned, I would stick with that.
  • I have read that sushi no more "dangerous" than usual during pregnancy. Just make sure you are at a good place that follows health codes and has fresh sushi (no revolving bar places). Also only choose fish with low mercury levels i.e. salmon. All in moderation.

    I read an article that said the Japanese see sushi as an essential part of a pregnancy diet, since fish is so good for you. I thought that was interesting.

    I think @MissCassy is right in sticking with cooked sushi if you have an intense craving for it. But definitely do what makes you feel safe. :smile:
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  • I eat raw sushi,  no more than one serving a week and only from a reputable restaurant (and no high-mercury fish). I didn't eat raw sushi, only cooked, with either of my last pregnancies because I didn't live near enough to a sushi restaurant that I trusted (mostly because we were too far inland). 
  • I eat sushi (and sometimes sashimi) at least once a week. In the US, sushi-grade fish is frozen before being served, with the exception of shell fish and some tunas. When done properly, this kills anything that could harm you. My doctor has actually encouraged me to eat sushi, since it's the only meat that really appeals to me right now, provided I choose low-mercury options from a reputable establishment.   

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