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Spitting Up/Reflux? Out of nowhere

hey mammas! 

Im at a complete loss! At 11 months, we started transitioning DD to cow's milk. By her 1st bday, she was totally on whole milk, with the exception of a mixed bedtime bottle. My husband and I started noticing she begun spitting up again, like multiple times a day and we're talking sour milk/cottage cheese spitting up. We mentioned it to our doc at her 1 year check up. The next day she spit up like 8 times. So we took our honorary doctorate degrees and opted not to give her any dairy last weekend, just water. She didn't spit up at all on Saturday and only once or twice on Sunday. I called the doc on Monday who suggested to stop the bedtime bottle and only give her milk with a meal and to call back in a week to see if there were any changes. Well there aren't. She's also started spitting up in her mouth and swallowing it like reflux. She sees completely content and reaches for milk when we give it to her. We have tried measuring it to see if the amount she drinks plays a factor. We've tried giving it to her at various temps. Nothing seems to be working! I'm calling the doc back tomorrow, but just wondering if anyone can relate or give any suggestions.  She wasn't a big spitter upper as an infant and no reflux. 

I just included a pic because I think she's hella cute! 

Re: Spitting Up/Reflux? Out of nowhere

  • She's super cute!!!!could it be something else she's started eating? My middle son nursed and I introduced cows milk at a year as well even though he still mainly nursed.around age 2( when he was drinking cows milk more than once a day)he'd wake up screaming in the middle of night holding his stomach sometimes he'd have spitting up (not really throw up just a little spit up in back of throat) and every time he drank it he'd have upset tummy. He had developed lactose intolerance.we had to switch to soy milk. But when he was about 7 he decided to drink reg milk again and was fine. I'm not sure if this helps u any but I hope u find some answers soon!!
  • Do you think maybe she's become lactose intolerant? Is there some type of lactose free milk you could try? 
  • You can try coconut milk as a substitute. Our 3 yr old is lactose intolerant (gets hives) and our 1 yr old has a sensitivity (only tummy problems). I nursed both and had to take dairy completely out of my diet. My older drinks coconut milk while I'm still nursing the younger but the symptoms sound the same as theirs. Also, have you ever tried giving her cheese cubes and does she have any symptoms with that or is it just milk?
  • Thank you! I've questioned the intolerance or allergy thing to, but the doc doesn't think thats it because she was on a cows milk based formula for about 6-7 weeks between nursing and transitioning to whole milk. If we stop giving her milk she's fine. She's fine with other dairy, yogurt, cheese, etc. my dad who is in healthcare encouraged me try skim milk. She's eats everything in sight, so she doesn't need the calories of whole milk. She is doing great with skim milk. But I still have no idea what it is about while milk that would make her spit up all the time. Maybe the fat content is too high?!
  • When  my son was diagnosed with lactose intolerance it was only milk and ice cream that bothered himand he is didn't have problems w milk at first until prob 4&months after starting on it .unlessit was something w a ton of cheese in it.at least switching to skim is helping! 
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