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Debating on 4th child? age gap?

Hello - I can't find another board to post this on and hopefully you all have some good advice and feedback. 

Currently we have 3 kids: 
Aurora - 5.5
Magnolia - 4
Everett - 5 months

We are debating on a 4th.  and if we do it we would like to be pregnant by the time Everett is 12 months.  this would give us same age gap as our girls.  but we are concerned having another one would hold Aurora back.  as she would be 7 when we would have the 4th.  do you think that age gap is too big?  we are kind of ready to move on but we always wanted 4 kids. 

we are a pretty active family with traveling and vacations...

should we go for it or just move on?  open to any advice or feedback! 

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Re: Debating on 4th child? age gap?

  • We're expecting #3, and the age gap between #1 and #3 will be 7 years.  I'm looking forward to it, because I know she'll be a super huge help around the house and with the new baby.  I'm all for self-sufficiency!   If your family makes being active a priority, one extra kiddo probably won't change that.  I'd go for it!  I'd hate to look back and regret if I didn't.
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  • I think you should go for it.

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  • Hold her back in what way? My son is 7.5 and we just had #2. I would've liked to have had them closer together but it took longer than expected to conceive. Now that we have the age gap that we do, I think it's awesome for him :) 
  • I think any age gap can work, so if a fourth kid is what you really want, I would go for it! My two kids are almost ten years apart- we didn't plan it that way!- and although there are some minuses to that, we have discovered a ton of plusses too. Do what's in your heart.
  • We are TTC #4 and ours have significant gaps, too.
    #1 - 11
    #2 - 9
    #3 - 5
    It wasn't ideal but it works out OK.
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  • We just had our 4th 11 weeks ago, our oldest is going to be 7 in February. Our second is 3, our 3rd is 2. I saw go for it! Haha I love babies though so I’d probably tell you to go for many haha
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    My oldest will be 7 in February, my second is 3, my third is 2, and my fourth is 11 weeks. I say go for it! The older is such an awesome helper.
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