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Weekend Ticker Change (2/11&12)

Happy Weekend Ladies! March is just around the corner!!

How far along are you/weeks to go

How big is baby/new milestones?

Upcoming appointments this week?

Any new symptoms or changes?


GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset?


Re: Weekend Ticker Change (2/11&12)

  • How far along are you/weeks to go? Tomorrow marks 39 weeks! Full. Term. So. Crazy. 

    How big is baby/new milestones? Fully Cooked!! 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Tuesday: extra ultrasound to check on growth ((suddenly measuring extra large: 4cm up from last week)) probably just change of position but could be an increased build up in amniotic fluid. and Thursday for my 39/40wk routine appointment. Probably will discuss US, and may ask for a cervical check cuz I'm starting to get curious!!

    Any new symptoms or changes? Extra BH, and lots of extra evening lighting crotch. Things are getting ready to ramp up to real labor any day! Eee!!

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Got our tax return money deposited - yay - just in time for paying off all these baby related medical bills ;] hah. I love my babes... and know I want to have more too... but dang! They are expensive! Maybe in another several years we'll actually be able to use the small amount of money we get back to put towards a vacation instead.

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? "I am not ready" would be my current mindset. Now that the time is actually here... what I've been counting down till for months.. I find myself hoping I'm pregnant the full 40wks because I just want a little more time with my family of 3. Anxious about starting this new stage of life!!
  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 35 weeks, who knows? 

    How big is baby/new milestones? Baby is over 5 pounds, if born now has a good chance of going home same time as me :) 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Presudent's Day. In supposed to make an appt with a high risk doctor for 36 weeks, but I lost the prescription :( My midwife is going to be grumpy. (Referred because of pre-e in a previous pregnancy, and to get a higher detail ultrasound bc my first was born with a clubfoot.) I am having trouble feeling urgency about it since (a) I already know what the treatment plan would be for either, and (b) I have been perfectly healthy this pregnancy. I know it's bad if me, and I really am trying to find the referral and script, it just hasn't happened yet. Its SOMEWHERE in my house. 

    Any new symptoms or changes? So sore and physically tired. I've been pulling long hours at work, and just got new classes, so I've been on my feet a lot this week. Tons of cramps, which I'm assuming having something to do with my cervix because they feel similar to the period like cramps I had when they were ripening my cervix with a suppository when I was induced last time. I get my gbs swab next appt, I'll probably ask about thinning/dilating at my next appt out of curiosity. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? My son is two now as of last Tuesday. ❤ My heart is so full of him, I am excited to see him as a big brother and sad to not have as much time to focus just on him. I get the feeling @kjd291 - it's part of why I am so ready to start my leave.

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? I'm so ready to be no longer going to work. I am convinced baby will be here about 38 weeks (stm, my body just feels so done) and I wish I could have a couple of weeks to rest and spend time with my kiddo first. That was my original plan, which is why I wanted my last day to be March 1st. Now I think that might be too late! I had to take a sick day yesterday from sheet exhaustion. I don't want to go into labor exhausted!!!!
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  • How far along are you/weeks to go
    ? 35 weeks tomorrow!!!!

    How big is baby/new milestones? I am more pregnant than I've ever been and so excited that at this point, baby might be able to come home with me! 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Tuesday and Friday- U/S for growth and BPP, OB appts, and probably labs since I was borderline with my PC ratio this past week.

    Any new symptoms or changes? I can't sit up straight at all as of yesterday evening. I'm having a lot of discomfort right below my ribs. Also, butt pain. I don't know if it's because baby has dropped a bit (this was confirmed on US last week) but it's not fun.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I yelled at my mom last week because I'm so crazy emotional and hormonal...I felt awful and apologized a million times. She said she knows me and my heart and knew I didn't mean too, but I feel like such a bitch. I'm just having such a hard time not feeling depressed after 4 + weeks on bedrest.

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset?
    I want so badly to get to 37 weeks because I know that's what's best for baby girl, but I am SO DONE with bedrest. It's so much harder than I ever imagined. But I'm also grateful because I know I'd have already delivered if I wasn't. I also know how tough it is for you ladies still working and being very pregnant, which I can imagine is super tough too. I am so glad this is my last baby! 

  • @Lexxilou1986 I'm so sorry you're struggling with bed rest: definitely a recipe for back butt and hip pain! You have a toddler/preschooler, right? I'm sure it's hard on your lo, too, which makes it that much harder on you.:( No words of wisdom, just sympathy!
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  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 35 weeks, 5 weeks until due date, 2 weeks to term!!

    How big is baby/new milestones? According to the bump baby is size of a pineapple and a bit over 5 lbs. 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Check up Wednesday with the midwife 

    Any new symptoms or changes? Lower back is getting sore, and SO MUCH lightening crotch. Especially if I've been up and moving. Also getting really sore hips while sleeping. Pretty sure all of this is just to do with the weight of the bump. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Rant is that I'm SO ready to be done with work. I don't want to go in at all anymore. I was contemplating ending a week earlier than planned, but DH doesn't want me to do that because of the money. Which I get... but also you're not the one dragging your @$$ in and having to sit in an uncomfortable chair for several hours straight each day 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? Although I know the baby would benefit from a few more weeks in, I'm ready for him to come now. But then also am looking forward to enjoying a few days at least home alone after my maternity leave starts before baby comes. So idk, I'm stuck between the two. As if I have a choice, hahaha
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  • How far along are you/weeks to go?  34 weeks.  I sure hope only 6 weeks

    How big is baby/new milestones?  Baby is the size of a butternut squash

    Upcoming appointments this week? None this week

    Any new symptoms or changes?  No new symptoms

    Rants/Raves/Randoms?  Rants:  I am still not completely over the cold crud I've had for a week.  Coughing while pregnant hurts.  

    my current mindset is that I know the end is in sight and I hope we are ready.  
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  • @longliveregina Thank you! I do have a 2 year old that definitely doesn't understand why mommy can't crawl around on the floor or play with him like he's used too. It breaks my heart that I can't be his normal mom for a little longer before there is another baby and I have to split my time. It's a crappy position to have to choose one over the other right now. 
  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 34 weeks today! About 6 to go! 

    How big is baby/new milestones? 4.7lbs, size of a butternut squash probably or the size of a quokka! Which is a little larger than a chinchilla and looks similar with brown fur and more of a gopher shaped muzzle. (Animal geek sorry :) ) she definitely dropped last night, my pelvis is so sore!!! 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Got one on Friday! Hopefully tdap shot and maybe GBS screen.

    Any new symptoms or changes? Just pelvic pain and difficult sleep. Getting huge and awkward all over! 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Baby shower tomorrow! Two sick toddlers and a ton of prep to do tonight then the whole event tomorrow but I can't wait to spoil my family and friends with good food and company. :) my FIL isn't coming even though his own wife is co hosting, which everyone has a problem with except him, and I was looking forward to seeing him participate in the celebration of his new grandchild but family doesn't mean quite the same to him as it does to us so we all just grumble about it privately haha. Also, @mossn83 congratulations pre-emptively!!! Hope your induction goes smoothly <3

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? Ready for baby. So ready! But also not really ready for labor and delivery haha. Just enjoying the last few weeks feeling her dance on my bladder and her little body rolling around, and respecting that she needs to grow more and that it will all be worth it for her sake. Meanwhile I get to eat what I want and act like a loon because hey, Im huge and hormonal and tired! 
  • @mossn83 good luck with everything! Hope it all goes smoothly. I can't imagine the shock of "oh we're inducing today". Definitely let us know how it goes! Once you're all rested up again of course :)
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  • @mossn83 prayers mama!! I hope induction goes smoothly and you can give yourself lots of grace and love as you try and process jumping into this!  Hugs! 
  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 36 weeks.  4ish to go.  

    How big is baby/new milestones? Papaya 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Not until next week. 

    Any new symptoms or changes? Nope,  same old aches and pains and braxton hicks


    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? Terrified.  Every time I think about this baby coming and my ex coming to meet him or her I panic. I don't know how I am going to process all those emotions at once! 

  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 35 weeks 

    How big is baby/ new milestones? Pineapple. DH said baby must be prickly in there. 

    Upcoming appointments this week? I have one on Monday. I think I have the GBS test this time. 

    Any new symptoms or changes? Same old, same old. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? DH and I tried to narrow down our girl name choices last night. We're still at six possibilities. We did come up with some middle name options for them though. 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? I'm so ready to meet this baby right now. 
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  • @ShaunaT25 I can't imagine the rollercoaster of feelings going through your head and heart right now. My only advice, for what it's worth, is to take everything as slowly as you can so you can feel as comfortable as possible. If you don't mind my asking, have you made plans with your ex about what will happen after baby is born, like in terms of visiting? 

    @mossn83 Good luck! FWIW when I developed pre-e with my son I didn't have high blood pressure, but variable bp. Like, the highest I got was 130/80. But the protein in my urine was more telling, and by the time I went to l&d after my midwife called me about my 24 hour urine sample it had skyrocketed to 150/100 and wasn't going down as I "rested" in triage. It was so scary to get a call as I was leaving work basically saying, "Hi, you need to come to the hospital right now. You probably will be induced today." I just took it one step at a time and managed to deal. (which was good because my husband was freaking out, lol) 
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  • @longliveregina we discussed it when he left initially,  as he thought we could be civil enough that he could still be in the room....  Because he is all kinds of delusional.  I have offered to text him when I go in to labour.  I will be having this baby two hours away from where I live,  which has happens to be the mid point between here and where he lives. 
    He has made comments about how he will take time off work when baby comes,  although I don't know what for.  It's a much bigger conversation that we need to have,  but having difficult conversations more often sends him into a rage than anything. I would never keep either of his children from him, and have told him he's more than welcome to come to the hospital after baby and I are settled.  But he's terrified of seeing my family and friends... So I'm not really sure how any of this is going to work. Gives me so much anxiety. 

  • @ShaunaT25 I'm so sorry :( I hope your family can run interference and you are able to relax and enjoy your baby when he is not there. I know it's so hard, but please don't let him rob you of your excitement and joy in meeting your lo. Not that your feel8mgs aren't totally appropriate and justified, just lease don't let him control how you feel about the birth. Think of the people who l9be and support you who will be there to share the joy with you those first weeks  <3 I'll be thinking of you!
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  • How far along are you/weeks to go
    35 weeks - 4 wks 6 days til repeat c

    How big is baby/new milestones?

    Upcoming appointments this week?
    tuesday nst, u/s and LAST progesterone shot yay

    Any new symptoms or changes?
    not new but particularly irritating is the acid reflux. Water causes it so bad before bed. I am currently laying in bed with like 6 pillows propping me up. I take Zantac and it worked for a week but now it's not anymore. 
    My pelvic region feels crampy constantly and when I pee it kind of feels crampy too - Tuesday I'm going to ask if the dr will check me for a uti just in case

    feeling miserable and large

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? Feeling miserable and large :) on one hand I am happy and thankful that this little guy is still cooking but on the other hand I have never experienced being this far along and being miserable and bigger than ever and the reflux and aches and pains. I can't wait to be done!

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  • @Lexxilou1986 Im so sorry you're struggling with bed rest. I absolutely can not fathom esp when you already have a little man running around. Hope the time passes and you are able to stay positive with your mindset on meeting your term baby girl!! 

     @mossn83 ;Wow thats amazing, I cant imagine not getting more of a heads up.  Hope all goes well!!!!! So exciting!

    @silverbulletband hope you enjoy a wonderful shower tmw!

    How far along are you/weeks to go?  37 weeks tmw! I'd be happy with another 3 or 4 weeks even. Like many of you other mamas mentioned just want to soak up the last few weeks with my little man.  <3

    How big is baby/new milestones?  Green light for Home birth as of tmw! Term woohoo!

    Upcoming appointments this week? Midwife comes over on Wed with the pool! :-D

    Any new symptoms or changes?  Not really. She moves  SO much, feeling consistent pressure and my feet hurt by 10am lol

    Rants/Raves/Randoms?  DH and I spent a bit of the evening getting the basement ready for the Home birth. If I went into labor tmw we would be fine. Lots of little things I still want to do but since the tub liner came in we have all of the essentials. It's kind of silly but Im thinking I would like to put something up on the walls in the room in the basement. I mean while it's my labor room it's also the first time I've ever had it finally put together as a bedroom. I also need to get rid of the super low ikea light in there bc I could see me hitting my head on it during labor (and I've always hated it anyway lol)... ugh I could use help putting it together. 

    GTKY:  What is your current pregnancy mindset?
     Honestly sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and am shocked I'm pregnant. 2 years ago I was about 2 months pregnant with my son. I thought by now I'd be back to work!  Now here we are expecting his little sister already?! I'm so thankful for all of this time and am anxious to meet this little lady!
  • @mossn83 I can totally see that being unwelcome surprise news. I hope things are going well for you and your family at this point! 

    @silverbulletband have fun today!!!

    @ShaunaT25 I think you'd be totally within reason to make a plan ahead of time for when you need space and time with your new baby and close family and friends, and when you're open to him visiting and being around - and if you want certain people present when he is, whether that's his relatives or yours or someone else. I'd start thinking about what boundaries would help you feel more secure before and going through labor and immediately afterwards... although I know in theory that's way simpler than in real life. 

    How far along are you/weeks to go
    ? 36 weeks! 

    How big is baby/new milestones? Papaya.

    Upcoming appointments this week
    ? Five... ugh. I'm grateful they can keep such a close eye on me and the baby, but I also can't wait to not be a human pincushion. 

    Any new symptoms or changes? SI join pain is back again.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Finally getting the furniture and all the baby basics in has been super fun this week! I'm glad we spent longer shoring up our finances before diving into all the purchasing (I've been getting crap about it from relatives for months, who are still as of yesterday telling me we waited too late/need way more stuff/are horrible for not setting up a separate room for the nursery), but ahhhhhh the cute baby stuff is cute, and I'm super excited to have the nursery (1/3 of our bedroom) set up next week. It makes it feel much more real, and nesting has been hitting me hard so the timing seems to be working well for me :) 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? All over the place... super excited for the baby to come soon, also excited to be done w the constant medical appointments and obnoxious pains/symptoms/side effects, constantly wanting to arrange or prep baby stuff, but also I miss sleeping well so bad and wish I could just relax and lay down and not be in pain. 
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  • How far along are you/weeks to go? 37 so any time now :)

    How big is baby/new milestones? He's huge, lol. Early term yay!

    Upcoming appointments this week? NST Monday and Thursday, weekly appointment Friday

    Any new symptoms or changes? I'm noticing swelling in my face and my feet/ankles are very swollen at the end of the day.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? My sprinkle was today and I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! Also, DH did so much work in the nursery and we are like, 90% done. I just need to organize and he needs to hang the new ceiling fan/light fixture that I bought.

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious and I can't believe this is really happening that after 5.5 years I'm going to be a mother of 2. But, I'm uncomfortable and I also can't wait to meet him so I want this to happen like, tomorrow.
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  • Oh my goodness good luck @mossn83!! I hope everything goes smoothly. 

    How far along are you/weeks to go? 36, 4 to go!!

    How big is baby/new milestones? Papaya. Got car seat installed finally! Hospital bag is packed minus my going home clothes and maybe a few things but I can always send hubs back for those before we leave. A few more things to set up in his room and we are so close!!

    Upcoming appointments this week? None this week, next week will have one then weekly after that!

    Any new symptoms or changes? Slight heartburn now actually. Baby has always hung out pretty low so I'm interested in how it will feel when he actually drops. Belly is itchy but I think it's because I ran out of my burt's bees belly butter and was back to coconut oil for a few days. 

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Was waiting on some returns to credit to my Amazon account and now the glider/ottoman I want says available to ship in 1 to 4 months!!! Hopefully doesn't take that long but wtf kind of date range is that?? 

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? Feeling ready to start moming and be done with work! Got a little emotional watching the birth video during our class yesterday and feeling anxious to hold little one and see what he's going to look like. 
    married 10.10.14 @ Turks & Caicos
    yorkie mama to Oscar
    FTM EDD 3.12.17
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  • @Phil413 - so glad you're making progress on the nursery. I'm sure that helps with your stress levels.
    @korpisar - congrats on your lo!
    @pandalily - watched some birthing videos this weekend with DH and I was an emotional mess! DH was all teary too and he never cries. We're going to be a great pair when lo gets here!

    How far along are you/weeks to go? 34 / 6 (hopefully)

    How big is baby/new milestones? The size of a basketball hoop (according to Ovia). Should be 18 inches and ~5 lbs.

    Upcoming appointments this week? None this week (last one without an appt because I'll start weekly after my next appt)

    Any new symptoms or changes? Caveat all of this with, overall I really feel good. These are all pretty minor.

    Getting really tired in the afternoons. I just want to nap, which is hard to deal with at work. Thankfully, my boss agreed to allow me to work from home more often now (I am today, yay!!). Sciatic pain like crazy too.

    Baby seems to really like my right side. Always on my hip. I never feel any movement over on the left. The butt is always to the right of my belly button or above my right hip. It gets somewhat uncomfortable sometimes.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? The nursery is now painted!! Yay!! We now have to assemble the furniture, but I'm feeling so much more ready now. We went out an bought going home outfits this week. I have about 80% of what I need for our hospital bag. Looking through my registry to figure out what we want to buy before lo gets here.

    GTKY: What is your current pregnancy mindset? I can't wait to meet the baby, but I really just want lo to stay put and cook as long as possible. 
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