Pregnant after a Loss

Hello. New here.

Hi. I'm new here after learning this week that I am preg again after a miscarriage back in July. I was 11w5d and ready to tell the world. Baby had stopped growing somewhere around 6w. 

Im finding it incredibly difficult to not focus on my last pregnancy and the days leading up to my miscarriage. I've had my progesterone levels and hCG levels checked and received results today that everything was perfect. We have our first dating ultrasound next Friday. I'll be holding my breath until then....trying to stay positive. 

Re: Hello. New here.

  • Welcome! So sorry for your loss. Our stories are a little similar. I lost in June at 11 weeks exactly and baby had stopped growing around 9. It's so difficult to have had an ultrasound and to have nearly made it to the second trimester only to have lost. I for one didn't begin to relax until well into the second trimester and still struggle. So you're not alone. I'm sure you are struggling not to focus on what that loss felt like. 

    But I'm so glad your hormone levels look good and your ultrasound is soon! Keep us posted with how that goes. Hang in there and stay positive. Thoughts and prayers to you that this is your rainbow baby! 
  • Hello there, welcome!
    Same here with our first loss being at just over 11 weeks and baby stopped growing at 8 weeks :/ so glad to hear your levels look good now and sending thoughts for your first appt and a sticky bean! 

    Me.30 DH.31 
    BFP 8/28/15 mmc @ 11 weeks (d&c)
    BFP 9/28/16 mmc @ 8 weeks (d&c) - trisomy 5
    BFP 2/3/17...edd 10/13/17 <3

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll keep you posted on the ultrasound  
  • I completely agree with @JustAnotherUsername16 it never gets easy and even now with my 4 pregnancy I know I will always have the losses on my mind. I've been reading a lot about staying positive through this. Hope you can find some peace to help get you through this journey @GameWardenWife
    Me: 30 DH: 32
    BFP#1: 9/9/2014 DS born 4/7/15
    BFP#2: 6/16/2016 MC/D&C: 7/29/2016
    BFP#3: 10/14/2016 (fingers crossed for a sticky bean)
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