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TGIF 2/10

What's in the books this weekend?
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Diagnosed w/ PCOS 4/9/15 - R/E recommended lifestyle change
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Re: TGIF 2/10

  • My dad is coming up from Florida to meet the little guy. James is so much more interactive now so I thought it would be perfect timing. But he started leap 2 today and my normally easy baby is not so easy. 
  • Baby got a bottle tonight because hubby had a stressful week and I was ready for liquor. I requested no plans other than church Saturday evening. Might even find time to soak in the tub. Wild weekend/party time!
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  • After a couple morning birthday parties with the kiddos we are going to the state fair this afternoon! Originally my brother and SIL invited us to go with them but now they want to go on Sunday, which we can't do. Girl Scout cookies come in on Sunday so we have to sort and divee up. So between the fair food and the cookies, pretty sure I'm in for a unhealthy weekend!
  • We have a wedding to go to this afternoon.... it's a rush wedding due to a sad situation and I'm really having mixed feelings about it
    Sunday rest and prep to return to work Monday....and all that entails 
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  • I spent Friday cleaning like a crazy lady to get ready for friends and possible employers today. It looks like we found a family that I'll be nannying for, they live in the same area and we get along really well. 

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