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Little Personalities

It has been so much fun seeing our LO's personality start coming out over the last few weeks. She is so happy and so much fun. She's a real character and likes putting on a show. However, she's also really determined and likes her own way. There have been some mini tantrums coming out now and again lol. 

Any other mamas out there have some cute stories of their LO's personalities starting to shine through? 

Re: Little Personalities

  • This baby has been so laid back and happy, but so is our other son. Our girls, not so much. DS2 has been late in all of the milestones, but only because he's so content just being. He had no desire to roll, sit, crawl, pull up, try talking. By this point, all of the other 3 had several words, were pulling up, and were walking while pushing something. Not this guy. He's always smiling and loves hugs and kisses from any pretty lady, but no walking and no talking.

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  • Our little man is independent and determined! He likes to try to do things on his own (brushing teeth, hair, eating, etc). He has recently decided that he needs to eat what we eat. I had already been trying to do this for the most part, but now he will sometimes have a little fit at the table if he doesn't get at least a few bites of what we are having.

    He tries to stand on his own (letting go of furniture) but even though he doesn't have the balance yet, that doesn't stop him! He picks himself up and tries again. 
    He is also sweet and gentle and loves to be cuddled and read to. Books and playing silly games with DH and I are his favorite things right now.
    Sometimes after DH leaves for work in the morning, DS sits and stares sadly at the door for a moment. When DH gets home, DS gets SO excited and goes to the door as fast as he can.
     It is so fun to watch his little personality develop! 
  • From the get go LO has been very independent. Hitting milestones a few weeks early sometimes. He's very independent and happy go lucky. The only time he's upset is if he's sick, sleepy or you aren't feeding him fast enough. He's very much so a daddy's boy. Which kinda sucks but is kinda cute. He always gets happy to see us after we pick him up from work. I picked him up one night since both me and bf had to work late so he fell asleep in the car stayed asleep during the transfer and woke up long enough to tell his daddy hi. He's gonna be a stubborn little boy. He established that months ago. And a heartbreaker to boot
  • DS is a curious one! He's all over the place tugging and touching everything in sight. I tried my best to babyproof the house but he's managed to pull off all the corner bumpers. Now I'm not so fussed because he's gotten better at assessing risk. I do keep the bathroom door closed because once he was heading for the toilet brush! He is selectively affectionate and willingly gives me kisses but not daddy, hehe. He's an easygoing baby and can amuse himself as long as mommy is visible. His sense of humour is questionable because he laughs so hard when he pretend punches me in the face. :lol: I love my little imp! 

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  • My little one has started throwing fits when she doesn't get what she wants... Hitting the toddler attitude a little early... Hopefully it will end early too?
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