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Hospital bags

Since there's quite a few of us who have delivered, and even more of us poor souls who are still KTFU, let's hear from the BTDT chicks. 
What did you actually use in your bag? What did you wish you had brought? 
I'm having amnesia or something when I'm trying to think back to my kids birth....

Re: Hospital bags

  • I second the snacks! Also depending on how long your hospital stay is going to be a new set of pyjamas or nightdress for each day, cause night sweats. I also took a little bit of make up, i wasnt putting on a full face or anything but it just made me feel better & feel more like myself.
  • The only thing I brought and didn't use were my slippers because my feet swoll so much I couldn't get them on. I was there way longer than you will be hopefully though. 
  • I didn't have shit packed when my water broke, so the good news is the hospital literally had everything I needed, butttt.....

    robe, house shoes, your own pillow and snacks. Those are the things I would say are must haves. Especially the pillow and snacks. Hospital food sucks. 
    I could have written this word for word myself haha.

    Everyone else gave great ideas! Don't know if someone mentioned it already, but I managed to throw flip flops in my makeshift bag for the shower because germs.
  • 2 oversized pajama bottoms (Target)
    2 oversized tshirts
    2 sports bras
    Socks with the grippers on the bottom
    Flip flops for the shower

    I wish I had brought my own oversized underwear. The mesh ones at the hospital made my ass itch. 
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  • Here's what I packed before and am packing this time that I'll use:
    Tooth brush and paste
    Shampoo, soap, deodorant and conditioner (I didn't like the stuff the hospital had)
    Oversized tee and pj pants
    2 nursing bras
    Nursing pillow
    Pillow for me
    Going home outfit for baby (and coat because it 20 degrees here in MN)
    A book
    Phone charger
    Money for the vending machine

    I packed alot more the first time around and this was all I ended up using. I just put on the same clothes I can in with, so all I packed was one comfy outfit to lounge around in while waiting to go home. 

  • I never actually wore my own clothes in the hospital. Just wore gowns. I forgot shower stuff and I was not fond of the hospital not having conditioner.

    Used: clothes for DH, a going home outfit for me and baby, phone chargers.

    bring and extra bag to take stuff home in. The hospital lets you keep so much stuff. 
  • DH ran to target to buy an extension cord because my phone charging wire wasn't long enough to reach anything. 

    I'm glad I had layers because my body temp was all over the place. Maternity short sleeves plus a cardigan, yoga pants, comfy socks but also sandals. ;)

  • Well, we definitely overpacked lol. We scooted out of the hospital 24 hours after I delivered so I really didn't need a bunch of changes of clothes and not nearly as many toiletries. Love and learn though!

    I wouldve loved to have had a nursing nightgown for the night we spent there, even loose PJ pants were uncomfy. I'm glad I brought my own pillow and blanket too
  • I brought toiletries (soap, toothbrush/paste, lotion, face wash, makeup, deodorant would have been nice had I remembered), hospital nursing night gown, yoga pants, sweater, tank top, slipper socks, phone charger and underwear (because I hate the mesh ones).

    @Gretchypoo I'm loving that you brought a Snuggie.
  • ohstars said:
    DH ran to target to buy an extension cord because my phone charging wire wasn't long enough to reach anything. 

    I'm glad I had layers because my body temp was all over the place. Maternity short sleeves plus a cardigan, yoga pants, comfy socks but also sandals. ;)
    I second the extension cord. My induction took awhile and my phone charger was too short to reach the bed.
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  • Only thing I regret not having was my compression socks. I lived in them during pregnancy and idk why I thought I'd be free immediately post partum. 

  • I don't like taking a bunch of extra junk to haul around since the hospital sends you home with so much more... we only packed 
    -Going home outfit for me (yoga pants, t-shirt,   nursing bra, socks)
    -Change of clothes and jammies for H
    -hair tie (I always keep one on my wrist though)
    -going home outfit for baby
    -it's cold here so we needed extra blankets for tucking Austin into his carrier to leave
    -change for vending machines if needed

    We packed my slippers but I didn't wear them

    I wish I brought nursing pads with me, but they had samples in the gift bags.
    I thought the hospital would have had extra toiletries in the room but they didn't.

    I wish out of everything I had my own toilet paper. The cheap thin junk in the hospital kept sticking to me despite folding it over a million times to get it thicker. Even though you "Pat dry" the t.p. was sticking and caused more grief than if I had some nicer stuff with me. 
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  • My laptop was a big one because I used that to try to pass time while waiting for things to speed up (induced). I know some others said not to bring their pillow but I couldn't have imagined being there that long without it. I wish I had brought some shoes for staying there (slippers or something). Mainly I stayed in either pajamas or just comfy clothes so I packed pretty good on that front  :D

    The only thing that I wish I would've brought was stuff to wash my pump parts. I gave up with BFing in the MOTN our first night and decided to go the EPing route (I went to a yr EPing DD1, so it's more comfortable to me even if it is a PITA). I brought my pump and all the parts, but nothing to wash it and H had to run home and grab that stuff. 
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  • Glad I am not the only one with raging hormones. I got mad at my husband because he got some sort of surprise/gift for me (or the baby?) and he has been hiding it in the basement for the past four days, and he won't let me have it NOW. I feel like Veruca Salt. 
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  • I second the packing your own toilet paper. There's Nothing awesome about the butt sandpaper they provide you with in the hospital.  Last time I tore and needed stitches and didn't want to deal with the sticking like @kswiger06 said. This time I had stitches again and I was so glad to have my charmin. Lol 

  • I didnt taket own toilet paper but i did take the moist toilet wipes. With bleeding it just makes you feel that bit fresher & cleaner.
  • My hospital gave me an extra pack of baby wipes to use as toilet paper. I'm still using them at home, as I genuinely can't imagine a piece of paper touching me anywhere down there right now. 
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