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Yearly Woman Check-Up

Today is my yearly pap. I am not feeling confident at all to go. I have baby weight that I gained back when I stopped breastfeeding especially recently we have been eating out a ton because we were in the middle of a move to our first house we bought. I know my gyno isn't going to say omgosh you fatty my belly is still squishy and not toned at all just not looking forward to this one. Im not even comfortable with having my shirt off around home my husband has told me over and over again I'm beautiful no matter what this is just the heaviest I've ever been and it's only like 8 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight it's more toning that needs done. I am really hoping to start losing weight since we moved we have room in the basement for a home gym so I'm hoping to start working out before to long.

Re: Yearly Woman Check-Up

  • I was actually wondering when I should be going for my well woman appointment. I haven't been since LO was born and was kind of expecting to get a reminder. I'm am feeling very much the same. I'm about 7/8 lbs from prepregnancy and 5lbs from goal weight but this is probably the most out of shape I've ever been and I feel terrible about my stomach. My husband is the same way, he tells me I'm the most beautiful I've ever been since having LO but I just don't feel that way! 
  • I had a baby check up few months after baby was born then they scheduled me for my yearly check up but If I needed to be seen before that then to call if I was pregnant again or any reason. I would just call and set one up. I know we are beautiful we brought beautiful babies into this world and our body paid that price and it was so worth it id do it again and again but like you said this is the most out of shape I've ever been and someday I feel amazing about myself and other days I can be my hardest critic.
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  • ... we are supposed to have a one year appointment. And my god I'm so out of shape!! No time for any sort of working out! We are all awesome anyways ladies! 
  • My appointment should've been a week ago lol. Same here with squishy belly and overall feeling uncomfortable with my body after having my daughter. Im about 12 lbs more than my pre pregnancy weight. And summer is coming. Oh god I hate bathing suit shopping! 
  • I went for my yearly last month. I went back to my old gyn and since my last visit..probably 50lbs up. No one says anything haha
    I gained 15lbs during my fertility treatment and then 40lbs with the pregnancy. I lost and then packed on 20ish when the babies came home from the hospital. Y'all I don't even know what I did for two months- eat and nurse and pump! I've lost 30lbs so far and a long way to go. I have a really hard time losing weight postpartum, even with my singleton it tok a few years to get back down.
    I haven't been too consistent but I do love Diary of a Fit Mommy workout plan. I bought the strong body guide and it has home workouts. 

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  • I'm in the same boat - went to get my IUD removed early last month and realized I was only 10 lbs away from my weight right before giving birth  :/ I literally joined weight watchers the next day and have lost about 15lbs. Have about 10 more before I reach my goal weight but my whole body is squishy and I think consistent work outs will be the only thing that helps that. Making time for workouts with a full time job and a baby who wakes up 3+ times every night still is another story. Prior to being pregnant I really enjoyed the 21-day fix workout videos. Easy to do at home, only 30 minutes each, and loved the way the weight training toned and firmed me up everywhere. 
  • Well got to my ob/gyn office got my 1 year old daughter out of her carseat went to grab the stroller so I shut the door to keep her from falling out the door while she stood holding onto her carseat and realized I didn't have my keys to pop the trunk so went to go open the car and she was locked in with the keys on the backseat gosh I freaked idk why these things happen to me I instantly called 911 who transfered me to campus security thankfully they were able to pop open the lock she was standing at the window crying for me. I felt like a terrible mother. Anyhow still managed to make it inside in time only to find out they supposedly called to reschedule my appt because my doc. Was out for the week I saw a practitioner instead since I made the 20 min drive plus locked baby in car. Appt took literally 3 mins ugh.
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