Pregnant after a Loss

Need some positive stories

I recently experienced a very early miscarriage i was about 5 weeks pregnant. It was our first time trying and we got pregnant right away but it didnt last too long. 

Has anyone else experienced this and was able to conceive after successfully? If so how long did it take you?

Re: Need some positive stories

  • I have a very similar story. First time trying, conceived right away, and I'm 37 so I did not expect that!  Miscarried at 9.5 weeks but baby was measuring only 6. My doctor recommended waiting 3 cycles before trying again. We did and conceived right away again. I am now 16w3d. It's still really scary at times but you are not alone. Please do not lose hope!
  • Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats to you! 

    If you don't mind me asking did you track your ovulation? If so how soon after did that happen? 
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  • Hi there! I lost after trying for eight months. Then I didn't bother tracking my ovulation until after I'd gotten my first period post mc. That was only five weeks after my mc and then I started checking for ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit and monitoring cervical mucus about twelve days later. Though before my mc I knew I didn't usually ovulate until 15-18 days after my period. According to the kit and the cervical mucus I ovulated 17 days after my period which was 51 days after my mc. We managed to conceive this little one on the first try that week. But again, we didn't try until after my period. I'd had a D&C because it was a mmc at eleven weeks and I wanted that time to let my body heal from that. 

    Anyway, I'm sorry for your loss. You're not alone. I would encourage you to wait until you've gotten your period but most doctors are fine with you going for it when you feel ready! If you're not sure, ask your doc. Good luck! 
  • tvisram said:
    Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats to you! 

    If you don't mind me asking did you track your ovulation? If so how soon after did that happen? 
    I did not track my ovulation. It took a few weeks for my hcg to be zero (had weekly blood draws) and then a few more weeks after that to get my period. I just tracked my periods and after 3 just followed an app that told me my most likely ovulation days and we pretty much tried every day in that window. We were very lucky. 
  • I had an IUD removed (that was in for 5 years) and found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant - so to say it happened quickly is almost an understatement. I miscarried at approximately 12 weeks and was heartbroken. Per my doctor's instructions, we waited for my cycles to return to normal and then decided that we wouldn't exactly "try" but wouldn't prevent anything either... We didn't track anything at all - we just enjoyed our intimacy together and sure enough, I got pregnant again. That was approximately 35 weeks ago and we are hoping to welcome our baby girl sometime in the next month. 
  • My husband & I lost a baby at 7 weeks back in Jan. I decided to wait a bit before trying again... emotionally i knew i needed the breathing room... I just had my third cycle post loss & told my husband I was ready to start trying again. Every day since we started trying has been sunny & rainy... perfect rainbow weather. I can't help believing it is a message of hope. I am Truly sorry for your loss & hope a little rainbow weather finds you as well. 
  • @bethe-2 i got pregnant again but unfortunately it's not looking good :(
  • Ohhh sweetie, I'm praying for you & your little one. I so wish I could do more for you!
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