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Counterfeit Ergobaby carrier

I was recently given an Ergobaby carrier from a friend who's toddler doesn't like it. She had also bought it secondhand. While googling to determine which model of carrier it is so I could look up instructions, I came across a huge amount of sites on how to determine if your Ergobaby is counterfeit. 

After emailing the company, they confirmed that the one I have is indeed counterfeit, and therefore has not gone through any sort of safety standards. 

Obviously I'm not going to use it, but my question is what do I do with it now? I know some people would have no issue with knowingly purchasing a knock off, but I don't want it to end up in another chain where someone buys it from me knowing its fake, and then re-sells it to an unsuspecting mother afterwards. I also don't want to donate it anywhere for the same reason. Should I just destroy it? 
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