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Looking for a new doctor

Hi all -  I am looking for a recommendation on a new OB in the greater Seattle area.  I have been seeing a doctor through Swedish and have gone through all the fertility testing and still have been unable to get pregnant after a year of trying.  I am 37 and my DH is 34.  We would like to find a doc who would be willing to prescribe Chlomid for us without having to go through Seattle Reproductive Medicine because our insurance does not cover it.  Have you had an experience where your regular OB was willing to prescribe? It seems like all the docs at Swedish just push you over to SRM and that is not an option for us.  Friends in other states have had it prescribed by their normal OB so I don't understand why the practice in Washington is so different.  Can you help? 

EDD 6/18/18
DD=10/5/10 DS=4/9/13

Re: Looking for a new doctor

  • Hey, this is strange. I am surprised that a Swedish OB would send you to SRM since they have Pacific Northwest Fertility at Swedish. 

    I saw Katherine Johnson at Hall Health at UW and she prescribed one or two month of clomid for me before I went to UW Reproductive medicine. But it was not successful. Did they find anything wrong during your testing?
  • What testing have you done so far and what were the results? I checked your post history to see if you mentioned them but I haven't been able to find it.

    What makes you feel like Clomid would work? There are a lot of reasons that your doctor wants to send you to an RE. It's not that your OB wants to ruin everything for you. Clomid isn't a drug to be taken lightly and it is recommended that you be monitored while on it to ensure that your ovaries aren't getting overstimulated and that it isn't thinning your lining. They want to protect you. Plus, depending on what the issues may be, there may be a medication that is better suited to your needs. You said that you have gone through all of the testing but you didn't mention YH. Has he done an SA?
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  • asly02asly02 member
    POMA fertility is great and very affordable. Near Evergreen Hospital. Worth the drive. 
  • What explaination did your OB give as to why they won't prescribe you clomid?

    A couple of years ago, my PCP at Group Health (now Kaiser) was willing to prescribe fertility drugs, but with my age, diagnosis (blocked tube that turned out to be endo), and length of TTC, we decided to get serious and head straight into IVF.

    It might be worth having a consult with an RE, just to get a full picture of chances of success using different methods. I wish I had done that sooner.
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