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Introduction (*TW* - Others' kids mentioned)


DH (42) & I (30) have been married & TTC since June 2015.  (Presently on our 20th month, 18th cycle).  We were together for over 8 years before we got engaged (specifically wanted to be married before TTC).  He has 2 from a previous marriage, SD 18 & SD 13.  Right now we're pretty much playing a waiting game and in a bit of limbo waiting on some tests before fertility meds.   We've both been taking multiple vitamins for a few years (I switched to PNVs before we got married), and I've been charting BBT with FF (VIP) and Glow.  I've tried OPKs on and off, but even taking them 2x/day the last few cycles while WTO I haven't been able to fully turn one.  I've been drinking Green Tea during WTO instead of coffee in the a.m.

As a teen, I had regular/predictable cycles of 28 days.  After discontinuing hormonal birth control in 2013, my cycle were regular/predicable at 28.5 days, until the cycle we started trying.  (Of course)   Since then, my cycle has varied between 27 and 49 days.  According to FF, my LP is approx. 9 days.  Much to my displeasure, my possible LPD has been M/L disregarded by both my GP and my OB/Gyn.  

My GP directed me to see an OB/Gyn when I saw her last October.  She ran some bloodwork and advised me to work on weight loss.

My OB/Gyn has run 2 additional rounds of bloodwork, a baseline sonogram and a Saline Infused Sonohysterography.  Bloodwork has all come back normal and from what she could see on my SIS, that was all normal too.  She wants my husband to have an SA done, then run 3 rounds of Clomid before doing an HSG.

My husband had to re-establish himself with his old GP, but after a 2 month wait was able to get an appointment last week and is scheduled to turn in his SA sample tomorrow.

After some more extensive reading on TB and a few referred websites re: the dangers of Clomid, I've decided to forego my OB in the meantime and consult an RE.  I did some research and found 2 in my area (about an hour away), one of which is covered by my insurance and located at the sister hospital to the one with the L&D unit I picked (bonus?).  My insurance provider also says I don't need a referral from my GP to see her so that's one less step.  I've left a message with her office and hopefully can set up an appointment for a consultation and a HSG next cycle.    Hopefully she can set me up with an Rx of Clomid (if that's what I need) and progesterone if she confirms LPD.

For added pressure, my brother got married the October after we did, and my eldest stepsister got married last June.  Both couples are also TTC.  I'll be ecstatic to be an aunt, but I'm terrified of how I'll feel and if I'll be able to hide my disappointment if one or both of them get pregnant before DH&I do.  DH stays super calm about it and reminds me it's not a race.  I just try and remind myself that I'm the youngest and just because we got married first doesn't mean it's a travesty if we get pregnant last (although DH is the oldest, which is an area of concern for me).
Me: 34 | DH: 46
SD: 21 & SS: 17
BFP #2 6/3/2020

*Trigger Warning*
TTC 6/13/2015 | BFP #1 5/14/2017 | MMC 7/28/2017 (Trisomy 18) | IL + D&C 8/4/2017

Re: Introduction (*TW* - Others' kids mentioned)

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    Welcome! I'm sorry that your cycle has become wonky and your doctors aren't really paying attention to your concerns. I'm glad you've decided to bypass them and head for the RE. Looking forward to getting to know you!
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    Welcome.  I am sorry you have to be here but glad you joined us.  I think you will find this board to be a great source of support. Fx that you can get in to see the RE for your next cycle.
    Me:33, DH:38 Married: 8/2/2014
    TTC #1 Since: April 2015
    Unexplained Infertility

    Cycle 1&2 : Clomid 50mg- BFN
    Cycle 3: Letrozole 2.5mg- BFN
    Cycle 4: Letrozole 5mg- BFN
    Cycle 5: HSG-normal
                  Clomid 100mg+ Estrace- BFN
    Cycle 6: Letrozole 5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progestrone- BFN
    Cycle 7: Letrozole 5mg, Cyst found during follicle check
    Cycle 8: Birth control to treat left ovary cyst
    Cycle 9: Letrozole 7.5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 10: Letrozole 7.5mg, 2 Cysts found during follicle check
    Cycle 11: Clomid 100mg+Estradiol+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 12: Clomid 100mg- BFN
    Cycle 13-16: Natural attempts while awaiting IVF 
    Cycle 14: IVF-BFN

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    Welcome! When you said: "After discontinuing hormonal birth control in 2013, my cycle were regular/predicable at 28.5 days, until the cycle we started trying.  (Of course)" I thought: 

    That BLOWS. Ugh.

    If your cycles are all over the map, it'd be hard to get a + OPK too. Having had my own OPK problems, I know how frustrating that can be!

    Sounds like seeing an RE is a good next step - I hope your consults are soon and go well. 18 cycles of trying is a lot!

    Re: added pressure - your DH is right, it's not a race, but I know how you feel. Someone we know just announced a pregnancy, and I was jealous - I hate feeling like that. (I think I hid it from the couple, luckily, but DH had to give me a big hug after.) In any other circumstance, I like to think I'd not be jealous, but I've been at this for 16 cycles, and it's starting to wear me down: I want a baby too. It helps me to remember that 10 years from now, it's not going to matter who had a baby first - not in the slightest.

    Anyway, best of luck to you!
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    Me: 34 DH: 32
    TTC #1: Oct 2015
    DX: Unexplained - all tests normal
    Jan '17 - 1st round of Letrozole 25mg CD1-9... BFN
    Feb '17 - 2nd round of Letrozole 25mg CD1-9... BFN
    Mar '17 - 3rd round of Letrozole 25mg CD1-9 + IUI... BFP!!!!!! 

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    Thanks for the welcome! :)

    @Bababatty @hoffmanr7 I was able to talk to the RE's office today and they've scheduled me for a consultation next Monday!  I have the day off of work so as an added bonus I don't have to use sick time to take off for my appointment.

    @funkykey - I think I make that face every time I talk about it! 
    Me: 34 | DH: 46
    SD: 21 & SS: 17
    BFP #2 6/3/2020

    *Trigger Warning*
    TTC 6/13/2015 | BFP #1 5/14/2017 | MMC 7/28/2017 (Trisomy 18) | IL + D&C 8/4/2017

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