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Mirena IUD?

I am just wondering if you liked it ? My dr said no restrictions on working out or sit ups etc but i am scared it will dislodge. I am scared to death i will still get pregnant.. i had it inserted on day 3 of my period. 

Re: Mirena IUD?

  • I've had mine for 2 years. Sex and exercise all the time and it's still locked and loaded. And as no method is 100% effective there's always a chance but the likelihood of pregnancy is low. 
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  • I did yoga, Pilates, ran long distance, squatted 140 lbs, and all sorts of other exercises and it never effected my mirena. I stopped getting my period too which was awesome.
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  • I loved mine. Had it the full 5 years until it expired. I had no issues with it, and I am a runner as well as work out with a personal trainer (mostly cardio and weights) and it's been fine.
  • I had it and hated it. I bled for 6 months straight (which my doctor warned me about and wasn't too big of a problem IMO) but it straight up killed me. It heightened my anxiety and depression like crazy, to the point that I was useless to my children or husband (and to myself).  If it hadnf effected my moods I would have loved it
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