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  • @WinchesterGirl I'm sorry, that does sound stressful. But I'm glad your little guy is doing well - hopefully he decides to make his appearance soon!

    I had my first acupuncture appointment yesterday, and I plan to go back every other day for the next week. Really hoping it helps things move along!
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  • @WinchesterGirl that's pretty much where I was this time and it sucked. Like not just monitoring myself but having weird blood pressure really makes you feel shitty. I'm so sorry. You're sooooo close to the end though <3
  • Thanks ladies, I was sitting on my birth ball last night just watching TV and got a big floaty white spot in my vision. I took my BP, and it was up again... took a shower tried to relax and it passed after like 20-30 minutes. Called the on call line, they gave me exact #s to monitor for, and said basically they are trying to let me get to 39 weeks before starting induction. If I go a couple digits higher between now and Saturday (39w) we may be induced anyways. 

    @PerraSucia I've definitely felt crappy this week. I cannot wait to hold this little guy, but at the same time I want to give him as much as possible. 
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  • Here I am having my third NST this week.  It's showing slight dips to make them want to watch but not enough to take action yet.  Anyone else having this?
  • Hang in there everyone!   I am late to this thread and laughing that several of you have already had your babies now!  

    My 38w appt was Monday, 2cm dilated and soft,  induction scheduled Monday morning if not in labor before that.   Hoping for natural labor to start anytime now.  . . My doctor won't induce for VBAC after about 39 weeks,  so that's my eviction date.  

    Lots of pressure, multiple bouts of contractions,  and nothing yet.  I feel like my water is ready to break any minute,  lol.
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  • Awwww I'm sorry you're still having BP spikes @WinchesterGirl. You're so close to 39 though, and if he does need to come sooner I'm sure you'll both do great. 38 and change is basically fully cooked. Hang in there. 

  • Had my 38 week appt today. Bp was 134/90, so the bottom number keeps creeping up. MW feels like it is gestational hypertension and not pre-e since I have no other symptoms. They are sending me to the lab for a second set of blood work to be sure (had extra blood work done at 36 weeks due to rising bp). They have not mentioned induction yet and keep saying they just want to watch it, especially since i have a history of borderline bp before pregnancy. Sent me home with directions to call if ANY pre-e symptoms develop but oddly I feel better than I have most of 3rd tri besides being tired.
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    38 week appointment at 38w4d and no change, no progress. I am so bummed. I know I still have a week and a half but I am in so much pain constantly, I just wanted a little light at the end of the tunnel
  • @jlellis603 I'm sorry. I'm in the same boat as you. Appt today at 38w4d- this is my third and it wasn't like this with my other two. Soft and still closed. Nothing. So depressing. 
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  • @lct2008 ugh sorry you're uncomfortable and not progressing either. Maybe our luck will change soon! Keep on keepin on :)
  • @jlellis603 are we due date buddies? I'm due the 19th. People keep reminding me that she'll come when she's ready. Which I get. But I'm ready now  :D fingers crossed for some change because of the full moon or something for both of us!
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  • Haha oh no nope just a typo on my part! I'm 38w3d and due the 20th. Ugh same, I was hoping either the snow storm we are getting or the full moon tomorrow would do something haha!
  • had my doctors appt today... 3cm and still high..sweep was done. 

  • Had my 38w appointment and literally the same as last week- 1 cm dialated, 60% effaced and she's -3 station. My doctor scheduled an appointment for the 24th when I'll be 40w3d to discuss induction. Whomp whomp.  Oh well, I'll try to enjoy my sleep while I am getting some :) 
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