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  • @Stankonia2014 My family and I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and we walked A LOT. I started having painful contractions during my trip. Since returning I've only had them on a couple occasions when I was really active. I would try to slow down as much as you can and as PP's suggested stay super hydrated. FX for you that it doesn't happen again!
  • Any one else's belly button making a move from innie to outie? Mine feels like it wants to make the move. The skin around my innie is tighter than the rest and yesterday midday it looked like part of it was inching out.
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    @lizerspitz mine hasn't popped out yet - but there isn't much room in there. It has been odd watching my belly button change. :#

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  • I kept expecting my belly button to "pop" with my last pregnancy, but it never did - it just came closer and closer and then just stayed flat and level with the rest of my bump. It was the weirdest looking thing. 
  • @lmudra and @doodleoodle, I was pretty active, and didn't drink my usual amount of water, so I think both of those contributed to the contractions.

    I haven't had any since then, thank goodness. I've literally never had a contraction outside of the hospital, so I panicked.  
  • I have felt a weird numbness in my right thigh a couple times now while going to sleep. Freaked me the f out the first time.
  • Anyone else starting to get swelling in their ankles/feet??  I noticed today my riding boots were snugger than they've ever been and when I got in the shower this afternoon my ankles and feet are looking distinctly swollen.  
  • @lizerspitz the top half of my belly button is now an outie, which I feel like is somehow worse than a full on outie. With DD my belly button got flat like @ladylolly89 experienced. 
  • @Wearmi1 My ankles don't look swollen, but I thought I was going to need pliers to zip up my boots the other day. It's been flats and chilly ankles for me this week.
    The silver lining is that I can sit cross legged at my desk and stretch out my sore thighs if I don't wear boots. So ive got that going for me, which is nice.
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