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  • @tishb, she is such a cutie!

    @Colebug89, happy birthday!

    So.. my sis calls me a couple hours ago to ask if I would be okay with our dad coming to visit the new baby and I while we're in the hospital. Nope. I haven't talked to or seen the guy in like 2 1/2 years. Has he ever heard of there's a time and a place for everything? Guess not lol Yeah dad, let's rekindle our relationship as I lay in a hospital bed immobilized hah Talk about random...
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  • Thank you @Jab3!

    Thats really odd about your dad! My aunt and cousin that we've had a rocky relationship with the past few years came to visit DD when she was in the NICU...it wasn't as awkward as I expected but it was definitely a little strange lol.
  • @Xstatic3333 I wouldn't pick valentines day just so as a kid he doesn't miss out on his own special day at school. My son is only in preschool, but each kid's birthday is so cute for them to be the birthday kid. 

    But birthdays might be hard to predict if you do pick an induction date. My induction took about 21 hours. They told me some take 48 hours or more!
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  • @FreshBakedBrownies I used an app like that last time and I did find it helpful! I'm not sure of the name but that may have been it.

    Guys please send good vibes my H gets over his stomach bug/funk. He's been in and out of the bathroom since Sunday afternoon. He's already got stomach issues so this is putting him down for the count. I realllllly feel helpless and I know he's worried about this not clearing up by my induction. :( I'm also hoping by some miracle me and DS can avoid getting it....

  • I'm so sorry @kirstynikole! I hope your H feels better and I hope you and your DS don't catch it!
  • Aww @Patience7150 that sounds like a wonderful day, so glad she was able to come home and celebrate with y'all :) 

  • @Patience7150 thats brilliant that you have your little one home! 

    @kirstynikole hoping your husband is back to full strength soon! Xxx
  • I feel like it's so slow in here because everyone is having/already had their babies!
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  • I feel like it's so slow in here because everyone is having/already had their babies!
    It IS slow, and I want to join the outside baby club! The last few weeks are just dragging...
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  • I feel like it's so slow in here because everyone is having/already had their babies!
    It IS slow, and I want to join the outside baby club! The last few weeks are just dragging...
    Ugh I know!!! Seriously. 
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  • I'm here! It's tough going. You ladies still working? The after-40-weeks work appearance has been so demoralizing. I'm trying to hide in my office and minimize human interaction.

  • @Xstatic3333 Work has just been awful at this point! I'm losing motivation and focus by the day
  • @Xstatic3333 I'm working until the baby comes... But I think I am going to ask to work from home if I go past 40 weeks. It's getting SO hard to stay motivated at work! I just want to be home with an outside baby.
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  • madamerwinmadamerwin member
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to appear busy at work... Unless something pressing is happening, I tend to wander back here, or to FB, or random news sites (which is depressing to read, mostly). @jlellis603 my IM shows if I'm away for 15 min, but if I switch my status to "busy", it doesn't show me as away :) But then again, as long as I am getting my job done my boss doesn't really care.
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  • @Xstatic3333 I'm 38 weeks and still working. The plan is to work until he comes but I am considering having the day before my due date be my last date regardless. I'll wait to see how I feel when it gets here I guess. I am not motivated at work and mostly just try to look busy and not start new projects but idk what I'd do at home alone all day with no outside baby. Probably just drive myself nuts wondering if every pain/cramp is the start of labor...
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  • Still working too! I plan to work until the end as well. Motivation is hard to find. My phone dies before lunch everyday because that's all I do since my "actual" job assignments are stop and go. The walk to the bathroom is the worst and my desk chair is so uncomfortable. 
  • Still working here as well - just shy of 39 weeks.  Friday is last day in office and then I'll be working from home until baby arrives.  I second @madamerwin 's suggestion to change your IM status to busy so as not to look idle :)
  • Add me to the still working club. I underwrite municipality/government loans for a bank, so from start to finish they take a few weeks to complete. So, I've been taken off new deals as of this week and am just updating my existing stuff when needed. So, totally slow and attempting to look busy is starting to get hard. I kind of would like something to keep me busy! 

    I just wrote my thank you notes for my work surprise shower. And took a two hour lunch. Productive in a way?
  • Damn all of y'all still working get major kudos from me. Today is my "maternity leave" start date, but I mean I work from home so it pretty much means "I won't be responding to emails and won't be taking photo sessions for at least a month". Even though I'll be returning emails weekly if needed, but hopefully my clients understand what maternity leave means lol. 

  • I'm 40+3 and am still working. I only did a half day, but it's only since my sister is in town. I'm gonna work tomorrow and then Friday I'm gonna have a membrane sweep. Again. 
  • I'm jealous of those of you that have working from home as an option! My job is very dependent on discussions and meetings with other team members so I will be dragging myself in to work until LO pops out
  • @Patience7150 welcome home, Rosie!! And happy anniversary :-)
  • @Xstatic3333 I'm sorry, lady. But maybe the weather and astronomical events will get things going (I know I'm grasping at straws, but after week 40 I think it gets a pass?). Being close to the hospital definitely makes a difference, especially if everyone else is hunkered down at home. I really hope Baby Xstatic makes an appearance soon. 
  • Thanks @floatingelephy. Yeah 40+3 today. I know it's not really a big deal but I'm not handling pregnancy gracefully at this point. I admit it. Hopefully soon! Or if nothing else hoping I progress past the 1 cm where I have been chilling so that induction, if needed, goes smoothly. 

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