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Week 5

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This is my first time being pregnant so I'm curious to see how others feel at 5 weeks. My boobs are super sore and I don't really ever feel hungry but if I don't eat I feel sick. I am also terrified to workout but know I need to and I am constantly googling if I can eat things or if I should avoid anything. I have my first appointment on 2/13 and I'm hoping we here our little babies heartbeat and get a sonogram photo! 

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  • I have zero MS. Not even a hint of nausea and my boobs hardly hurt BUT my exhaustion is unlike anything i have ever experienced. Like I almsot think people might think I'm on drugs cause i look like im dozing off in the middle day. Its so bad. I don't remember this with DD. And I know im only 5 weeks but I swear I have RL pain and back pain. Honestly, physically I feel how i did when i was like almost 8 months pregnant. I hope this is all normal stuff. I just don't remember feeling this bad when I was pregnant with DD 2 years ago. They say every pregnancy is different though.
  • You will probably get a better response on your BMB, since those ladies will be at about the same stage as you are. But, just so you are aware, symptoms vary wildly by pregnancy, so it's difficult to compare between people (or even pregnancies...both of mine have been completely different). You may also consider picking up a pregnancy book (if you haven't already) to read up on some of the more common symptoms and things to avoid.

    Regarding working out, you are generally safe to continue anything that you were doing pre-pregnancy unless your doctor advises you otherwise. It is not recommended to begin a new workout program (ie, doing strength training when you weren't before) after becoming pregnant.

    Your doctor will probably give you a list of food that are/are not safe during pregnancy, but most things are fine. The big ones are alcohol, raw meat, and cold deli meat (fine if you microwave it). Practice good food safety and wash your fruits and veggies before eating them.

    Just as a heads up, not all OBs do a sonogram/listen for the heartbeat at the first visit, especially for first time moms. The most mine does is all of the intake paperwork and initial information, and then a second appointment is scheduled for a dating ultrasound.

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  • Definitely will get more response on your birth month board (BMB). But for me, the breast tenderness and some constipation hit hard at first. Nausea/MS didn't hit me until 6-7 weeks. But some women don't have MS at all. And to echo PP, it's not impossible that your first visit won't include an ultrasound. And if there's no ultrasound, then there's almost no chance of hearing HB. Dopplers are difficult to use this early on so most docs won't do it. Good luck and hope you keep feeling well!
  • I had a vagina test thing today and the obgyn did a sono and he said he saw the sac and it might be too early there detecting 5weeks but feb 9th i went to the er and peed in a cup and confirmed i was pregnant and did a sono there and i saw lil bean so im so confused the obgyn said to come back 10 days
  • Wouldn't it have been much less expensive just to take a HPT?
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  • Vagina test? 

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