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Successful VBAC

My baby girl was born on Thur Feb 2nd via VBAC. I was 40+4. I was 3cm, 50% thinned. I went to the hospital at 7:30am to be induced.  The dr broke my water around 8am, contractions didnt really get going. Then around 9am the Dr said to start pitocin. The nurse slowly increased the pitocin to increase the contractions. Around 2:30pm I asked for a little iv pain meds. At that time I was 5cm, 75% thinned. Contractions continued to increase. Around 4:30pm I started to feel a little rectal pressure. When they checked me, I was 8cm, 100% thinned. The nurse got the Dr and they started to get everything set to deliver. About 4:45pm I started pushing and baby was born at 5:10pm. She was 9#10oz, 21".

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