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Does it get better/ easier?

LO just started daycare. This was his second week (would have been his third but we were away for a week). Every time we drop him off or he figures out where we are going he starts to cry and scream. It breaks my heart every time. He gets so upset he makes himself sick. It's like he's scared to be there. He will also cry on and off all day at day care. Is this normal? Will drop offs ever get easier for him and us? My DH hates dropping him off too. 

I hope it gets easier. Right now I'm debating not taking him at all. 

Re: Does it get better/ easier?

  • Oh yes. It gets easier for sure. Little man did in home for the first 8 mos or so. Then we had to move him to a true daycare center for the stability and structure. He cried for about the first month at drop off. Now he loves it. He cannot wait to run off and play with his friends. Most days he doesn't even want to take the time to get his coat off, hes already off and running. We do have an occasional random cry every couple of weeks but usually it's when something is different that day. Mom versus dad drops off, or his favorite teacher isn't in there, etc. but for the most part he is stoked about it. He will get used to his new program and embrace it. Just takes time to feel comfortable and know you will always come back for him. It's a tough transition.  
  • My LO was with just me the entire first year since I work from home. We started an in-home daycare and she goes just twice a week - it has been a very difficult adjustment (maybe harder than most since she doesn't go 5 days per week and just 2 so she isn't getting "used to it" as quick).

    It took months of her crying and whining ALL day for her in home sitter for her to adjust. She still cries when my husband takes her and she has to leave me. She still has days where she is super whiny with the daycare provider. But she's improved tenfold. It just took time. 

    The stress it caused me knowing how miserable she was each and every time about broke me and made me second guess sending her - but we stuck with it and she has "grown" so much socially - she used to be very awkward with other children and now she loves to be around them. I didn't realize how isolated she was the entire first year with only me as her source of entertainment. 

    It WILL get better/easier. Takes time time time! Best of luck!!
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  • Yes! Like others have said, we get days where he will fuss when I leave and it breaks my heart but that only happens when he is not feeling that great or we took a bunch of days off. Your LO will love the kids and get attached to the teachers. A friend of mine who works at a daycare made he comment that it is crazy how attached she gets to the kids. That made me feel better. You will settle into a new routine soon. Then you will be sad when LO doesn't look back as they run for the other kids.
  • Thanks ladies. I really hope it gets better and easier. I hate stressing him out and I hate that he's there crying on and off all day. I'm really hoping we can stick with it.
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