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What are you all up to this weekend?
DH has informed me that he has work he needs to do.  I have sleeping I need to do.  So hopefully he can work and entertain the baby at the same time.  It's been a rough week.


  • I just got a call from my SIL who's 25 weeks pregnant. She's in the hospital with a 104° fever and they're talking about delivering the baby today. So I may or may not be spending my weekend with her. 
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    Oh no! @MommaTake2 I'm sorry, I hope they can bring it down and keep baby in. 

    I'm feeling kind of down, my moods are so back and forth. I'm not sure why, but one day I feel great, and the next I don't want to do anything. Overall I have more good days than bad, but it's still annoying. Maybe it's because I'm on my period, I only had 1 week of break between pp bleeding and period. :|  We are headed into the city for 2 nights, a mini vacation with our kids. It should be fun, I just hope I can be present. And I hope I can relax in the hotel room instead of running around like a tourist. 

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  • @MommaTake2 oh man.. so many positive thoughts and prayers her way... 

    H and I have a date night tonight for the first time in idk how long! Dinner and bowling.  My mom is watching both the girls and I'm a little nervous since Willa has been fussy and a little high maintenance lately. She raised 3 kids though so she's got this, right? 
  • Going to the gym! I can't wait to work out without one eye on the baby monitor. 
  • Prayers for your sister @MommaTake2

    We're currently heading to meet DH's aunt and uncle for dinner. Tomorrow is DH's Saturday off, so we'll go shoe shopping for DD, grab some lunch, and walk through the mall.
  • A girlfriend of mine who had her baby 16hrs before I had this LO had emergency gallbladder removal surgery Wednesday - she also has both a 2yo and a newborn and her husband is working tomorrow so I'm going to pick the 3 of them and bring them here so she can rest and our 2yo's can play

    Sunday is date night 

    Otherwise, I go back to work on the 13th so I'm going to spend the next week preparing :cry:
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  • @MommaTake2 thinking about your sister! I hope baby can stay in!!

    @yellingbanana boo for immediate periods, I had the same and the same mood changes. 

    I wanted to go out tonight but hubby hurt his back so we are staying in. 
  • @jennbaylor12 I also go back to the office on the 13th. 

    This weekend I'm going to try to get my house looking presentable. At least a little presentable. Next weekend we are having a party here to celebrate DH getting his masters in December and my house is too messy to host. 

    Maybe I'll get some sleep in there too! But no big plans. 
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  • We are headed to tour a fancy charter school this morning. Not sure we will go even if accepted we have to choice DD2 into DD1 's school and they are overcrowded so we are looking for other options.  The thought of having my kids at 2 different elementary schools makes me ill.
    then I have a crap ton of stuff around the house to do today so we can spend Sunday at DH's friends baptism and luncheon. No big plans for the Super Bowl except I promised DH I would make nachos for dinner. 
  • Monday already, but we stayed in Friday night and caught up some DVR shows, after I made a much needed trip to the grocery store once he got home to hang out with Wyatt. DH let me sleep all night, as I crashed at 10. My first week back to work was rough.

    Saturday was DH's birthday. He went to a shooting range with his dad and BIL in the afternoon, and then we had supper with a few of his family members that night. I opted to stay up with Wyatt, or listen for him anyway, so DH could sleep that night.

    Yesterday, did some laundry and odds and ends around the house. We went over to one of DH's cousins houses to watch the Superbowl, and left after halftime. Usually we hang out downstairs, but stayed upstairs - which was much quieter. Wyatt was loved on by my MIL and others the whole time.
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