January 2016 Moms

Bad mom award

I get it today! I locked the keys in our running truck this morning. With LO strapped into the carseat. 
It took 45 minutes to get the truck unlocked. She handled it better than I did.

Re: Bad mom award

  • Oh no!! I would have flipped out, and LO would have too...She hates car seats, especially when not moving. Thank goodness my car doesn't lock if it senses the keys inside. 
  • At least locked in the running truck she was safe and sound! 
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  • Don't feel bad. There will come a time when they will become a toddler and lock you out of the house. 

    My bad mom award of the day is that Baby and preschooler sis had popsicles for breakfast. Meh. They are alive and happy. That sounds like a win to me. 
  • @mesamyt I'd be happy if I had a popsicle for breakfast too!  
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