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Help!! Biting advice!

Hey y'all!

I am a mom to a 14 month old boy. He started daycare about a month ago and has taken up a biting habit since then. However, it is not happening at home just at the daycare. When it first started happening getting information from the teachers was like pulling teeth. All they would tell my husband is that he bit someone. Of course we immediately took action. We read to him every night "Teeth are not for biting" ( like he understands) and he goes a few days without biting then starts up again. I was told he has a 2 year old terrified of him and cries when he gets near and today they showed me the students he bit and their bite marks (he bruised them). I asked them what he is doing that is leading up to it and they said nothing he just crawls up and bites. I explained that my husband and I are trying to reinforce but it is difficult to do if it rarely happens at home and doesn't happen in other children settings. I had let them know previously that when he was younger and he bit it was because he was extremely angry that I wouldn't let him do something. My husband and I always used the same correction and it faded away. They told me he doesn't get angry at school and he wasn't trying to take anything. I asked what behavior plan do you have in place for situations like this ( my son cannot be the first biter) and she said she didn't know. I asked what happens when he does it and he just gets removed. I asked if there is a way to have his own area since he is not being safe - natural consequence you cannot be around other children. They said no and I asked does he need to be monitored closely (shadow) she said they monitor. They couldn't tell me what time of the day it's happening if it's with the same teachers (they change out). I don't know what to do. It is not okay for my child to be biting. I know it is very common in toddlers and they will grow out, but the workers pretty much made me feel like my kid is a bully at 14 months and let me know a complaint will probably be filed.

Re: Help!! Biting advice!

  • My son was a biter for a while too. It was frustrating, because just like your LO, he didn't do it at home.  We eventually had to sit down with his daycare teachers and provide them with a plan, using what worked for redirection at home. We had to give them a plan for what to do when it happened. We used redirection and a teething ring (giving it to him when we was about to bite or right after) to reinforce what he could bite... not his classmates. Sometimes he would bite because he was feeling overwhelmed with the noise or energy level in the class room, and was too little to express that or even understand thats how he was feeling.Or he bit because a kid was in his space.
    Whatever reason is causing him to bite is not because he is a bad kid or a bully and I think you are awesome for being so concerned and I promise he won't bite forever!  
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