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How far along are you

How big is baby

Any appointments this week




GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one?

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  • How far along are you
    24 weeks!

    How big is baby

    Any appointments this week
    Not until the end of the month

    Some lower back pain and frequent trips to the bathroom. This past weekend I feel like a switch flipped and all the sudden I'm having to use the bathroom every half hour or whenever I take a drink of water haha.

    Chocolate and sugar. To get my chocolate fix and still be kind of healthy, I've been eating healthy trail mix with m&m's mixed in. Yum.

    H and I are leaving town this weekend for a little get away. We're staying with family and have a fun night out planned for Saturday night. I can't wait to leave town!!!

    Question for ST moms or FT moms who already know this. This may be TMI, but what do you wear while you're in labor as far as pants and underwear? Is it different laboring at home than the hospital? Do you they encourage you to leave your underwear off when you get to the hospital so it's easier to check dilation? How much discharge or fluid is coming out during labor? What about during the car ride to the hospital? I am planning on sitting on towels during the car ride to the hospital in case I'm leaking all over. Sorry for the long winded awkward questions :)

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one
    It was love at first sight for me, even though that's kind of cheesy. I didn't start dating H until well over a year after we met, but I had this feeling the second I laid eyes on him that we were going to end up together. After we had been dating for about 3 months I asked him if he thought we were going to get married and he said yes.
  • How far along are you? 24 weeks (v-day, woo!)

    How big is baby? Cantaloupe

    Any appointments this week? Routine check-up tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure I'll get info on that fantastic gestational diabetes test.

    Symptoms? Lower back pain seems to be starting up. I did get a prenatal massage a couple days ago, though, and I think that temporarily helped. Also, she gave me a tip to lay flat (while I still can) with a pillow under my knees for 20 minutes to help relieve lower back pain. And actually, I could immediately feel the pressure lift up when I tried.

    Cravings? Still sweets. I've been eating a lot of chocolates (but I can't help it because people keep giving me chocolates! what the heck!)

    Rants/Raves/Questions? You guys, I'm so ready to be done with work. I probably only have 3 months left, but I just have "senioritis" so bad since I know I won't be going back in the same capacity. I just want to be done now.

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? I don't have any great story for this. My now-husband told me he loved me first. I think it took me another month or two before I said it back. I don't even remember what made me realize he was the one, but it just clicked one day that I didn't want to imagine my life without him. It literally hurt too much to try. It was an interesting revelation to me. H is only man I've actually loved.
  • @luckywife10 I'm curious to hear what others say about the laboring thing. I was already planning on having depends on hand for when/if my water breaks at home, since I've heard it can just keep leaking and I don't really want to be leaking through my clothes if I can avoid it. I was going to pop those on when I make the trip to the hospital, but I wasn't sure about pants either. Would my normal pants even fit over depends? No clue. Maybe just throw on a skirt?
  • @luckywife10 I am not sure about the laboring thing. Even though I have 2 boys, I've never actually been in labor.

    How far along are you? 27w

    How big is baby? Head of lettuce

    Any appointments this week?  On Tuesday I get another U/S and the lovely GD test

    Symptoms? we got a new mattress over the weekend and my back has gotten so much better!

    Cravings? lately lots of sweets and fresh fruits

    Rants/Raves/Questions?  I can't believe my infant car seat expired 12/2016! We got it in 2011 for DS1 and I knew the Chicco ran approximately 6 years. Well good thing I checked it out last weekend. Although we purchased it in 2011, it was manufactured in 2010 and just expired. The good thing is now I get splurge on a travel system and have it all match :)

    I'm starting to get a little nervous as I approach 30 weeks. That's when DS1 was born and as that milestone is approaching I realize that I may deliver early again. Then I remind myself I mad it further last time, so maybe this time will be even longer than DS2's 36 weeks.

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? DH knew first. We were at a house party and someone mentioned what a great couple my ex and I made and that they could see us getting married. I laughed it off, but DH remembers it clearly and remembers thinking to himself "they just don't know that she is going to end up marrying me". A year later, I was no longer with the ex, and DH and I were just hanging out with a group of friends, not a date at all. At the end of the night we stayed up talking and kissed, and I just knew that I would marry him. Funny thing is we didn't actually go out on a first date until about a month and a half later.

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    03.2017 - DD

  • How far along are you? 24 weeks

    How big is baby? A cantaloupe

    Any appointments this week? Nothing until the 15th

    Symptoms? I still have hip pain at night, although now that I've put a pillow under me it has helped. My legs also ache, but I find if I used Burt's Bees Leg and Foot Cream (part of their Mama Bees line) it really helps!

    Cravings? Cereal, especially later in the evening around 10 or so. I've been having big bowls of Joe's Os (Trader Joe's version of Cheerios, they're a lot more crunchy!)

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I met with work today to discuss my maternity leave...I guess I picked good timing to have my little one right before the end of the school year. I get summer and then 12 weeks of FML. I feel so relieved, as originally I thought summer would count towards those 12 weeks.

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? I think DH knew first - there was one day where I was really mean to him (this was in high school) and even though I was being horrible he still loved me!
  • How far along are you? 25 weeks! Can't believe it's already this far.

    How big is baby? Huge. lol. a cauliflower 

    Any appointments this week? Nope, everything looked good last week!

    Symptoms? She's finally off my sciatic nerve after 4 days and I feel a million times better! Definitely more hungry this week. 

    Cravings? All the food. Sweets. Carbs. Avocados (but can never find them ripe! Ugh). Cheerios with bananas.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Between work and life things have just been crazy and I'm exhausted. Our school doesn't hire subs and with everyone trying to fill in for everyone it's just nuts. I feel bad taking any time off because I know it falls on my coworkers who are already working 50-60 hr weeks like me. But things are starting to come together and I've scheduled seeing daycares, dentist appts, dr appts, and birthing classes for the next few weeks plus got FMLA paperwork submitted so feeling relieved about that being taken care of! 

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? When I was 17/18 and he was across the country I realized he was the one. We started dating seriously when I was 20 and we were on different continents for 5 months, then did long distance for a year after that, then got engaged and finally moved in together. It's been a beautiful adventure with him and I still get butterflies :) I can picture us old and goofy together, we're very lucky to have found each other!
  • @luckywife10  - My water broke when I was at the OB for my 40 week check up. I laid back for my ultrasound and felt a little pop then gush. They handed me a huge pad and had me waddle to an exam room for confirmation that it was my water breaking. By the time I got down the hall, the pad was soaked through. My doctor didn't even really check, he just had me go to the hospital, which was just across the street. They gave me a fresh pad, but I sat on a towel and it still got wet. I'm planning on putting 2 towels into my truck this time, just to be safe. 

    I didnt labor at home at all, so I can't compare.  As soon as they checked me into the hospital, they had me strip down completely and put on a delivery gown. I had to be given Pitocin and didn't actually deliver until a full 24 hrs after my water broke, and I was pants/undies free the entire time. I honestly don't remember a ton of fluid until I actually delivered, but I don't know if that really means nothing happened. Selective memory! Haha

    How far along are you
    ? 27 weeks, hello third trimester!!

    How big is baby? Dang, I forget what I saw.

    Any appointments this week? Next week I do my glucose test and have a visit with the high risk specialist. The following week I see my regular OB

    Symptoms? Insomnia (huge shout out to unisom for saving me), and general crankiness. I getting sick of myself 

    Cravings? All of the junk food, ever. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm sick of peeing all the time, and I know it's only going to get worse!

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? Is it awful to admit that I didn't have an "ah-ha" moment? My home caught fire early in our relationship, and I ended up moving in with him on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. But we settled into life together very easily, but never really discussed marriage. He proposed about 5 years later, and there was never any doubt in my mind to say yes. 

    Baby 1-Born: 7/29/15
    Baby 2 - Due: 5/4/17
  • How far along are you? 25 weeks
    How big is baby? Cauliflower
    Any appointments this week? Not for 2 more weeks
    Symptoms? More hip pain when I sleep. I guess I'm not keeping the snoogle between my legs regularly.
    Cravings? Ice creammmm. Just got some rocky road tonight :)
    Rants/Raves/Questions? None, just been a long tiring week. As y'all know, we closed on our house a couple weeks ago. We just moved in on Monday and it's been a lot of back and forth to our old apartment clearing everything out and making sure it's clean. We still have a lot to unpack but we're finally making progress.
    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? Gosh I'm not sure. I was fresh out of high school when we met in person. We had been talking online for a few months. I do remember the first night we talked, my BFF had a crush on him and wanted my "approval", and my first impression was that he was cocky and full of himself. We ended up talking for hours. The chemistry online was undeniable and even my BFF could see it. She was in college across the state so I made plans to visit her after I graduated, and since he got to know both of us online, he came out from across the country and met us (after we video chatted to make sure he wasn't some creepy old man ha). And the rest is history. That was 11.5 years ago and my BFF was the MOH at our wedding. :)

    As for the labor stuff.. My water broke at 5am in bed. I had a pee pad under me to protect the mattress. I made DH get a towel so I stuffed iit between my legs and waddled to the bathroom and just sat on the toilet for a few. I put on an overnight pad and brought a towel to sit on in the car. I managed to not leak, so I guess a majority of it came out in the toilet? It's recommended to bring in the pad to L&D to confirm it's amniotic fluid. Ironically enough, mine failed the test but I was clearly having very regularly contractions and was 6cm by the time they checked me. I still roll my eyes every time I think about this. I probably had on a maxi skirt at this time, since at 39 weeks pregnant, it's just so much easier to get on/off in general.

  • As for the laborin question; im a FTM but I bought inconstinence pads for in the car, bed, and couch. They're pretty cheap and near the adult diaper. I plan to put those down a few weeks before as well as use a pad if my water breaks at home. 
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  • march2008march2008
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    @luckywife10 - I woke up in labor at home so I was in my pajamas for part of it and then I went into the shower for awhile and then put lounge pants and a t-shirt on to be comfortable. I went to the hospital wearing that because my contractions met the frequency/timing criteria. I sat on a towel during the car ride to the hospital in case my water broke, but it didn't end up breaking until after I was already admitted at the hospital. Once I was admitted, they had me change into a hospital gown. I didn't wear anything underneath, but some people choose to wear some type of bra. I don't know how much fluid leaked out during labor because that wasn't something that even crossed my mind at that point. I wouldn't worry about that. The hospital staff is used to handling all that for you.

    Sometime during my pregnancy, we bought a waterproof mattress cover which I highly recommend for after the pregnancy as well in case of diaper leaks from the baby. It's way easier to toss in the wash than having to try to clean a mattress!

    How far along are you? 26w+1d

    How big is baby? A head of lettuce. Apparently, she's about as heavy as a liter of cola according to the What to Expect website. :)

    Any appointments this week? I just had one on Tuesday and all was well. My next one in 2 weeks will be a doozy. I'll be getting a Rhogam injection (since I have RH negative blood type), a TDAP vaccine, and the Glucose Challenge Test. I was told my appointments will be every 2 weeks from that point forward since I'll be in the third trimester by then....the home stretch!

    Symptoms? I've been having bouts of nausea again every once in awhile and I'm exhausted again. Zumba is getting harder but I'm going to try to keep it up until the end if I can!

    Cravings? Bagels

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Less than 100 days to go!! Can't wait to meet this little girl :)

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one? It's hard to remember was 2004 when we had our first date! We were friends in college for awhile first but I knew within the first few months of dating that he was a keeper. :)
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  • How far along are you
    26 weeks

    How big is baby
    head of lettuce, according to @march2008 -- love when she posts first! :)

    Any appointments this week
    Tuesday, and I'll be doing the glucose test

    SPD in general and some heartburn, though not so bad


    Rant -- I have a stomach bug! No vomiting, just lots of discomfort and runny poop. As soon as DH left last night to go to his rehearsal (which is a bit of a haul so he's gone for about 5 hours), I starting feeling it. So I was on my own with the kids dealing with it, and meanwhile one of them might have been having a very mild version, as he pooped in the bath! The other one had been in bed but then came out of bed with all of the commotion and didn't get to bed until 1.5 hours later! Everyone stayed up late and it sucked. Then I was in the bathroom about 10 times last night. Luckily the poopy kid didn't seem to have any additional poops or symptoms, so we sent him to school (if it weren't for me, I wouldn't have been suspicious about him having anything.)

    Anyway, this all sucks pregnant. The stomach pains/cramps are worse because gas has less space to move around in. Overnight it was a huge hassle with my SPD to have to get in and out of bed repeatedly. I did cause my hips to pop a couple of times. ugh.

    GTKY: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, how/when did you know that your SO was the one?
    Awesome question!
    Though I was very young when DH and I got together (19), I had been in love twice before. After nearly a year together, my ex broke up with me because he basically said he was not in love anymore (incidentally, we are still close friends and he is married to an awesome woman, so all is good.) After that relationship I said, "you know, I think I've learned enough from relationships now; I am ready to meet the person I'll marry. I could marry my next boyfriend." (<-- I laugh now that I said that to myself at 19!) Then DH and I met very randomly (unlike my other boyfriends, whom I was all friends with first) and asked me out. After the first date or two I was like, "well...I could marry the NEXT guy...not this one." I guess because I barely knew him I didn't have any strong feelings off the bat and totally figured he was just some rebound dude that was there for fun.

    Anyhow, time progressed and we were still dating. About 6 months later I was realizing that I was very into this guy. He was never what I thought I was looking for in a guy, as we are different in so many ways and I thought I wanted someone just like me (so uncreative of me!) But I hadn't realized we'd compliment each other so well. My birthday was about 8-9 mo into the relationship. The romantic tension had built. He took me out to dinner and said he loved me, and I said it back. It felt like a marriage proposal. It might has well have been. Within a year we really did know we were getting married and I even broke the news to my mom that I thought I was probably going to marry this guy (my mom was one of the people who we knew would freak out if we had tried to get married when I was this young, so I felt warning her a few years ahead of time would be helpful.) We didn't actually get engaged until 3 years after "I love you" but that was fine. That helped other people prepare. We were still married young. FWIW DH is 3 years older than me.

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  • Oops I forgot to answer the labor question. For both kids, I labored at home in regular clothes. For #1, I did get a tiny water break during this home laboring time. It was a little pop/crunch, followed by a gush of water (and somehow I managed to get to the bathroom before any of it came out) that then stopped. The OB told me when he checked at triage that my water had NOT broken, but the more I asked around and researched this situation after the fact, I am convinced it was a break but a little one that kind of got stopped up. The pop/crunch was very high, like right by my left rib. I never noticed any leaking on the way to the hospital or anything. Once I was there I think they put my in a hospital gown. I really don't remember because I was quite far along at this point (also it's been 6 years).

    With #2, I did less laboring at home because I was again GBS+ and I learned from #1 that things can go fast once they get going. My water didn't break until the last 5-10 min of delivery, right before pushing. So it ended up being ok, once again, that I had just worn normal clothes to labor in and to go to the hospital in.

    It doesn't hurt to get something for the car that you can throw on the passenger side for the trip to the hospital, even if it's just a plastic bag that's in the trunk with your overnight bag (though I think we didn't do this; I don't remember). And I remember with #1 we decided that I'd sleep over a sleeping bag (kinda waterproof) on the bed in the last few weeks just in case. We might have done that with #2 but I can't remember.

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  • How far along? 27 weeks!

    How big is baby? Lettuce

    Appts this week: Yesterday. Baby and I were both given a clean bill of health after our scare/hospital stay last week, but I was told to still be pretty restful. I couldn't take the glucose test due to receiving steroids in the hospital, so I am going in next week to do that. I am also going to every-2-weeks appts from now on.

    Symptoms: Mucus discharge (I was so worried, but asked doc & everything's okay as long as there's no blood). And unrelated to baby, I've caught a cold. :-(

    Cravings: Milk, clementines, chocolate. 

    GTKY: I knew he was the one about 2 weeks into dating! He just showed so much potential to be a great husband & father, which was important to me. He was also fun and absolutely adored me. He says he knew I was the one at about the same time, but we didn't share that with each other until about 3 months into dating. 
  • @luckywife10 Thank you for asking that question! Thanks everyone for your answers. 
  • That's cool, @starphish18! I don't know how to tell but I'm always wondering. I feel a lot of movement on my right hand side, way far over and then up very high as well. I have a doppler but always think how neat it would be if there was a reasonably priced hand-held ultrasound for sneak peaks! :)
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  • The way he showed me was to lay flat (with my head back so the ab muscles are completely relaxed). If I push straight down at the bottom of my uterus (right above my pelvis) and it's squishy with no resistance, that's just liquid. It there's a lump or resistance there, it's a body part. If I push on the sides about level with my belly button and feel resistance, there's body parts there. So, right now, the bottom is squishy and both sides have hard lumps, so I can tell she's sideways. He said she may be lopsided at some point before settling upright in the end, too.
    Thats essentially what I do! I can tell when baby is sideways because the top and bottom of the uterus is squishy but the sides are lumpy. Baby goes diagonal a lot too. Hiccups help with figuring it out too. Baby was definitely head down last night and H got to feel the hiccups.  
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  • Interesting! I just imagine this LO turning like a clock hand ha, he seems to be everywhere. Generally I feel him on the sides more, especially my right side but I do occasionally feel jabs to the bladder/cervix area or at my waistband.

  • I'm pretty sure mine is always long ways/transverse, but I think she rotates around. Sometimes I'll feel more kicks down in my bladder, so I assume she's maybe belly down. But a lot of times it's straight out on my belly, so I think she's belly out, if that makes sense. 
  • @starphish18 That is so helpful, thank you! I was wondering how to tell where she was and I actually asked the doctor and he gave me an answer, but you explained it better! Haha
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