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When would you count CD1?

Post methotrexate (directly inside ectopic and intramuscular) I have yet to have full-on bleeding that transfers significantly to a pad. Just constant bright red significant smears every time I wipe, and lots of cramps, back pain, and bloating. So to me, I have not met the traditional CD1 criteria.

I also may not either, as the only study literature on my type of ectopic (barely cleared the tube, in the non-stretchy corner/"T" of the uterus) only mentions that the gestational sac has paradoxal growth, and then shrinks to 75% of size by 3 months and is not observed on ultrasound by 6 months (absorbed, so not passed).

But I know my baby's heart was stopped during the procedure last Thursday. Should I just mark "miscarriage" on fertility friend for that day (which I believe starts a new cycle), or continue to hold out for full-on bleeding?

I know stuff is going to be completely wacky for awhile, WWYD?

Re: When would you count CD1?

  • I guess I'd mark miscarriage as when you had your procedure. I went back on ff and marked my MC, but it didn't change to CD1 until I put my bleeding in. You're right, everything is going to be wacky for a bit.
  • Thank you! That worked without creating a new cycle, thanks.

    I think I'm going to take up my doc's offer to do hormonal birth control since post loss cycles do NOT make for reliable NFP and I absolutely cannot risk getting pregnant within 3 months of the methotrexate.
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  • @GhanimaAtreides

    Have you thought about just using condoms for the next 3 months? That's what we're doing until we start TTC again in June (and what we've used for the past year before trying). If you're only preventing for 3 months, then TTC again, it may not make sense to go on hormonal birth control if you don't have to, considering there's a period of time when you start that you have to use a back-up form of birth control anyways, and then you may want to get off the birth control a few months before TTC to allow your cycles to regulate on their own again. Just thought I'd share what's worked for us! (And as much as we'd both prefer not to use condoms, it is so much easier than going on hormonal birth control for such a short time period.)

    So sorry for your loss :(
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    @jen83mn We just aren't condom people. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/all-about-sex/201101/attention-ladies-semen-is-antidepressant). The last thing I need is more depression layered on top of my current feelings about the loss. 

    Plus we were supposed to be TTA when this one was conceived and we forgot contraceptive film once.

    I'm going to ask for either Ortho Evra or Nuva Ring, both are less systemic than the pill. I think because we weren't so stressed is why it only took one time to get pregnant vs. our track record of sex 1-2x practically daily in the fertile window for months on end with nothing. It'll be nice not to worry either way of what will happen. Plus I was sorely disappointed when I expected it to take up to 6 months of blissful newlywed sex to regulate after the patch and I didn't even get through my first cycle off after being on it 18 months.

    Three months time off should feel like a vacation as much as possible. 
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