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Early Preschool at 2 years old?

Hi mamas! A few of my hometown mama friends are enrolling their kids (who will be 2-2.5) in early preschool next fall..just 2 days a week for about 4 hours a day. I'm on the fence about whether this is a good decision or not for us to do as well. I currently stay at home with my son and are expecting baby #2 in July. While I would love some free time next fall with just the baby, and having socialization and learning time for my toddler would be great for him, I'm worried it's too young still. I'm getting mixed reviews when I "google" (which I probably shouldn't), but many articles say 2 is still too young, especially when they are still not 100% verbally communicative. It can cause stress. 3-3.5 is a more ideal age. My son won't turn 2 until mid-Sept anyway, so we actually would be starting around 23 months. Currently, he's been dropped off at a drop-in daycare while I go to my doctor appointments so he's only been away for about an hour and all 3 times he's gone, he's cried almost the entire time. The teachers said he just needs to adjust and get used to them since they are unfamiliar faces and going several days a week, every week, would help but it just doesn't feel right to be doing that just yet. So we have been working on our separation anxiety and socialization through Gymboree classes 1-2x a week and he LOVES those and thrives in them with no tears (HIGHLY recommend btw!). I just feel like for MY son, he might not be ready quite yet but I could be wrong - it could be what he needs. So I'm coming to y'all to see if anyone else is going to be doing this or what your thoughts might be! I certainly don't want to hold him back and him be behind, but don't want to push if it's too soon. TIA!
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Re: Early Preschool at 2 years old?

  • DH and I both work, so our son is at daycare.  He does really well there.  I think you should go for it.  Just check on what your financial commitment is and if you don't think he is enjoying preschool you can always quit and try again next year.
  • Just like the previous poster, my son is in daycare. As he gets older, they do more activities that helps them learn. I was a little sad about not being a stay at home mom but now I see all of the benefits of him going to a learning center / daycare. He loves to see all his friends when I drop him off.

    I agree that they need to get use to the care givers. LO gets upset if I take him to the gym drop off for an hour but has no problem at his regular daycare. I feel bad leaving him anymore than I already do, that I rarely use the gym drop off. I am sure if he got use to the new faces, it would go a lot more smoothly. He calms down and plays after five minutes but they say he watches the door for me the whole time. 
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  • DD has been at school since 4 months.  We work full time and had no other option.  If I could choose, I would've started her at 2.  Both of my other DDs thrived from attending school, were very sociable and communicated well.  Before 2 it's a free for all, though her school (Goddard) has a curriculum and structure.  The kids who came in at 3 had a hard time adjusting because they understood what was happening.  The 2 year olds seemed to transition better.  Though DD1 started at 9 months and cried every day at drop off until she was 4.  Lol.
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  • I just enrolled my daughter (almost 18 months) at a learning center yesterday.  I felt like it was time. She was becoming very curious about other children and was constantly grabbing her shoes to go "deet dah", which means outside in her language. So I had my first day of work and she had her first day of school yesterday. She is adjusting OK so far. It was so awesome coming to pick her up and seeing her little artwork on the wall. When we toured the place, she took off playing. It felt right. I would suggest you visit a few places and see LOs reaction.  From what you describe, it sounds like he would do well.  Just make sure it's a learning center/school, and not a daycare/babysitter.
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