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Re: WTF Wednesday!

  • Wtf that I have the stomach flu and sweet baby is getting her 2 month shots today =/ 
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  • For MBF I posted about my coworker who shows up to work sick and then has to be sent home.  She emails this morning announcing (you have to ask permission) that she's working from home.  Our boss responds that no, if your sick you're taking sick time and that there is nothing here that is more important that the health of employees (rock on boss man!).  So guess who shows up to work... ughhhh.  We get more than enough sick time, take it and stop spreading your germs!!
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  • @l9i I hate when people come in to work and are that sick... especially, as you say, you get more than enough sick time. I just started back to work this week and 2 of my coworkers were out Monday and Tuesday due to sickness. I think being cooped up inside for so long got me to avoid any germs... and now I am back in it. It's like a petri dish of germs.
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  • Or when people come over to your house or a get together all sick, and you've got your newborn baby in your arms. My nephew got dropped off at our house the other day and the mom was all 'oh he was really sick on Monday, but he is better now!'. Except that it's only Friday, and the nephew is hacking up a lung. 

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  • On day 3 of going back to work, DH is already done of taking care of baby and wants to hire a babysitter, even though he's off work during the day! wtf

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