For anyone who had an Emergency C-section and then a subsequent scheduled one.. — The Bump

For anyone who had an Emergency C-section and then a subsequent scheduled one..

Can you tell me the differences, if any?  A little background.. My first baby was vaginal.  No issues.  Second baby was emergency c section after 27 hours of labor.  Third baby I went for a VBAC, but again, after 25 hours of labor, she just did not want to come out and ended up with another c-section.  Pregnant now with my fourth and just starting thinking about things, like if it will be "better" since it will be a planned c section this time and I wont labor(or dont plan on it!)  I have heard its easier to recover, but I was curious about about your experiences.  Thanks!

Re: For anyone who had an Emergency C-section and then a subsequent scheduled one..

  • My first section wasnt an emergency it was more like I was in labor for 24 hours +  my cervix swelled and they needed to do a section since I had broken my water more than 36 hours. Since then I've had two planned sections and will be havig my fourth section in 6weeks. For me there was no difference in recovery, the difference was more my mental state before each one. The first was unexpected and it had to be done so there was no thinking about it, my second since it was planned I had time to process it but I did feel anxiety going into it, with my third I was very vocal early on to my doc and l&d nurses, even the anesthesiologist and they made sure that my section experience with smoothly and I did feel relaxed. In a way I feel it is easier when its planned becasue you already know the date, know what to expect, know when you can have people over to help, there is very little that is unknown. 

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  • My second section (planned) was much more low key than the first. They also didn't tie my hands down or take away my glasses so that helped considerably, but I didn't get enough IV fluids pushed so I ended up puking on the table. The recovery seemed easier for the second, planned, section but that may have been the difference between a first time and second time mom. Good luck! 
  • Not going through the hours of labor helped my mental state, and I was well rested.(as well rested as you can be at 39 weeks)
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  • My first was an emergency csection. It was really rough. I was so exhausted from labor and trying to push him out. I think that recovery by far was my hardest. I've had 2 planned csections since then and they were both so much better than the first. Everything was more relaxed, I wasn't exhausted from labor and my recovery was so much easier. Good luck @3becomes4pie17 I hope you have an easy and speedy recovery :smile:

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  • Thank you for asking this. I'm currently 16 weeks and trying to decide between trying a VBAC or scheduling a second csection. While a VBAC sounds awesome, the thought of laboring for hours and pushing (I pushed for 3 hours before my csection) gives me the worst anxiety. I am leaning toward scheduling a csection and being rested and semi relaxed and more aware this time. And hopefully the recovery is easier 
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    My first was an emergency section and my second was planned. There is a world of difference!

    Everything is so calm and planned out and, most importantly, you're not exhausted! The recovery is only for surgery, not surgery + X numbers of hours of labor pains/pushing. 
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  • I loved reading everyone's experiences on this matter and it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable with my decision of scheduling a c section.
    My daughter was an emergency c section. Due to several factors
    Breach, backwards, never "dropped" placenta issues that I can't remember the name of.

  • Thanks for asking this question OP. My first was an emergency C, and I know they highly recommend following births be a scedualed C as well if your first was. I am not pregnant again yet, but I do hope to be so this helped

  • Hey my with my daughter we had an elective c section which turned into an emergency one as she was early and breech. I then had to go back down to theatre due to clotting of the uterus. I now have a scar on my uterus. I am pregnant with my 2nd baby due November have a vbac consultant appointment booked but just wondering if a planned section would be better? 


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