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confirmed IUGR and planned C section

yikes! I feel like I've been through the ringer with this little guy! yesterday at my growth scan (34+3) he fell just below the 10th percentile over all so they are officially calling it a intrauterine growth restriction. i'm now on twice weekly monitoring appointments and they'll do a repeat growth scan at 37 weeks to see where he is again. If everything goes well in these next three weeks they will schedule a C-section between 38-39+6 weeks. They won't let me go to term because i guess with IUGR babies, there is a higher chance of stillbirth. 

So here we are! I've been googling what IUGR babies births look like and it seems like i'm just gonna have a little peanut on my hands. Hopefully he's a healthy peanut and besides my C-Section recovery time, we won't have to spend much time in the hospital! i don't want to be away from DS1 for that long :( 

now i just have to get over my slight disappointment at not being able to attempt a VBAC and that my body isn't providing what my little guy needs..

Re: confirmed IUGR and planned C section

  • I'm so sorry, @kennas88! Sending some T&Ps your way that LO is a tiny little healthy baby and you both get through the CSection with flying colors :)
  • Sorry @kennas88 - that is just no-fun 3rd tri news. T&P that growth looks good over the next few weeks and you have an uneventful C-section!
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  • I'm sorry. T&Ps for you and your lo. Sounds like you are in good hands.
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  • Sorry @kennas88! That third tri scheduled c-section is tough to process emotionally. How are you doing? 
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    My twins had iugr
    with my smaller twin being sIUGR since they were 16 weeks 

    they came out heavier than expected 
    with that being said I had them at 33w2d due to pre term labor. they are currently in NICU for develop since they are little 
    37-39 would be amazing for your baby

    t&p for u! Don't stress too much! eat LOTS of protein or add 1-2 protein shakes! That was the trick I learned from other iugr moms... 

  • protein shakes! Thank you for that suggestion! I already decided i'm drinking nothing besides water (caffeine does sometimes pop up) and i'm trying to get whatever extra nutrients i can in there! Thanks again!
  • @kennas88 My doc also recommended protein bars at a recent appointment when I was measuring small for the second appointment in a row. He did caution me to be careful not to choose something with too many other vitamins in it because you can overload on vitamins. My doc recommended a brand called "Premier Protein" that has a minimum amount of "other stuff" added. You might want to ask your doc about what he/she recommends when it comes to supplemental shakes/bars/etc. 
  • Thank you! i have nurse friend and she actually said the only thing she would drink pregnant was Arbonne's protein shakes because its free of "other stuff" I'll check with my OB as well though.
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    I had glucerna 2-3 times a day bottles. I also drank beef soup!

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