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  • My goodness. 

    I didn't say "everyone stop this ridiculousness!", I just said I think babies will come when they want, regardless. By all means, try all the things. 

    And like I said, I'm not talking about WANTING to be done, but being surprised you're not.  And I didn't save it for Thursday bc I knew I'd forget lol 

    Didn't mean to evoke such defensiveness but I'm also 9 mo pregnant and didn't feel like writing a longer, more thorough explanation of what I meant. Yet now I have anyway lol
  • Maybe it's just me, but I didn't hear anyone who was surprised that they are still pregnant, or anyone who is seriously bitching about still being pregnant.  Just a lot of us interested to talk about or try any of those things that are rumored to be helpful in getting things moving once we got to full term.  
  • Based on my own experience, I don't believe most of the OWT actually work. To me, if you go into labor after eating pineapple or papaya it's probably just coincidence and it was your time. 

    However, if you are in the early stages of labor, walking can really ramp things up. If I wasn't getting a planned c/s at 39 weeks, I'd probably try and go for a walk a day at this point. 
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  • I actually just bought a papaya yesterday lol, waiting for it to ripen so I can drench it in key lime juice and eat it all in one sitting lol

    i did a bunch of OWTs, not merely to get labor going, but because it gave me at least a small semblance of control during a rough week. Like it was something to focus on other than my own discomfort. 
  • As someone who is currently pretty goddamn butt hurt about having a medically-necessary induction thrown at me after 8 months of a perfectly textbook pregnancy, I can see both sides of the discussion.  I wish I were getting my weeks of waiting and wondering, my hours of laboring at home, my intermittent monitoring between soothing baths or showers at the hospital.  But I'm not, and I'm really fucking disappointed about that.  BUT ALSO I am swollen out to bejeezus, I'm sore and tired and cranky, and I'm done AF with being pregnant.  I wish this shit were over with AND I wish little dude had three more weeks to cook.  I wish I could sleep all day and I wish I were still at work.  I can have all of those feelings at the same time.  We are all vast and contain multitudes.
    THIS. <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3
  • If sex really does jump-start labor, then my baby will be here in no time! My H 's sex drive seems to directly correlate to my stomach size, and I am ambivalent enough about it to humor him once or twice a week. There are very few comfortable positions at this point, but we have found ways to make it work.
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  • Where are y'all getting your RRL tea and mother's milk tea? Any specific brand recommendations?

  • @srscott3 this is the kind I've been drinking.  You can get it at Target.
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  • srscott3srscott3
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    Thanks @CurlyCupcake21 :) we were just at target and I looked, but they may have been out. H said he will check our grocery store tonight too

  • I've been drinking same one. Got mine at Whole Foods
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    @srscott3 they have this brand at my local grocery store. You can also get it on Amazon but it's a little more expensive than getting it in the store. 
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  • @srscott3 I'm using the same brand as @krob and @CurlyCupcake21. I have seen it at Target and my local grocery store. They also have a "pregnancy tea" with RRL in it.
  • Thanks @Gretchypoo! H actually just came home with both of those :tongue:

  • srscott3 said:
    Thanks @Gretchypoo! H actually just came home with both of those :tongue:
    LOL! WIN! 
  • When @Spicyweiner defends someone

    @mommabean I think that babies come when they want too. It is fun trying things though :) I totally put an ice pack on the top of my stomach last night to encourage tough guy to drop.  :D

    Also, thanks to @NiceyMeany for explaining how I feel about induction and life in general right now.
    I'm legit cracking up 
  • @srscott3 I'm using the same brand as @krob and @CurlyCupcake21. I have seen it at Target and my local grocery store. They also have a "pregnancy tea" with RRL in it.
    I've been drinking the Traditiobal Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, but I didn't realize they made straight RRL tea too! Also, I have a bunch of the same brand of Mothers Milk tea that my sister gave me for after baby comes.
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  • @krob all I can say is...you're brave  :D
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  • That's us too @Starfish113, although at this point it's getting tough. I've kept my drive but it's so sore down there. Usually it just causes one good contraction followed by a lot of nothing. 

  • +1 for trying to convince my fiancé to have sex. He thinks its too early I'm pretty sure. But I begged him to do it tonight since I am so uncomfortable and in so much pain. I think he might give in!
  • On the sex train as well, except being pregnant has DH wanting it all the time and I've been pretty neglectful this whole pregnancy. Serious question though, how much sex do you really need to have?? DH wants to do it like 5 times a day since he knows it could potentially help stimulate labor. I can't handle all that. I also googled how much pineapple you need to eat for it to work and one website said like 7 including the core. Has anyone heard that??
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