Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant After Recurrent Loss

Hi everyone, I've been lurking and reluctant to post because of my fear of jinxing anything (something I hear is common in women who become pregnant after MC). I've had 3 MC's and 1 chemical pregnancy. I'm currently 9w4d. I was put on leave from my job due to a subchorionic bleed. So far, it looks as if it has resolved. 

I'm supposed to go back to work in mid-Feb and I'm terrified. My main concern is that I'm a nurse and my job is stressful and requires a lot of heavy lifting, pushing and pulling, which is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Are there other nurses out there who are high risk? All my MC's occurred when I was working. Granted, this is the furthest I've come and I don't want anything to go wrong. I have no living children and all I want is to have my Rainbow Baby.

I'm in need of some positive vibes, tips, personal stories, anything to help me relax.

Sending love to all of you. 

Re: Pregnant After Recurrent Loss

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    Welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself. Yes, the jinxing thing is legit. But don't worry--it's unfounded! Congrats on coming so far! I'm glad your doctor gave you leave to rest. Mid feb is still a couple weeks away and you'll be almost twelve weeks I guess. That's good! And honestly if your doctor thinks you'll be fine, you should be able to trust him/her. I don't imagine your medical knowledge as a nurse actually helps you feel better. Not when it's you! But remember, correlation doesn't imply causation. Just because you were working for your others doesn't mean that was the cause. On the other hand, this is your baby! Can you work it out to get easier shifts? (I don't know what that would look like--I know nursing isn't easy either way!) and don't be afraid to be a special snowflake if that's what it takes. If you need to ask for help with things or ask someone to do heavy lifting for you until you're at least in the second trimester, do it, and ignore anyone who rolls their eyes at you. 

    Lots of love and prayers for a sticky bean! Hang in there! 
  • Congratulations! I'm have zero advice on being pregnant while having a career as a nurse, but pretty much agree with everything HGRich said. 

    I do know how you feel about the whilw jinxing thing! It's not real!!! So try to push those types of thoughts from your head and you'll feel a little more at peace. 
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  • @mjjc7709 I don't have any good experience in this area so I'm unable to give advice, but I just wanted to say that I am thinking about you and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for you and your rainbow baby! 

  • Ladies, I am getting choked up reading your replies; thank you for the kind words and thoughts. I'm glad I finally decided to post. I feel like I've been going a little stir crazy. 

    @HGRich Thanks so much for reminding me about correlation and causation because you're right and it's been so hard not to over analyze everything. My doctor tried to put me on light duty but my job "did not have anything for me" and advised I just come back when I'm ok with full duty. [heavy sigh] Thankfully, I've been fortunate to be on leave and can only hope this pregnancy will continue to go well. 
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