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Induction due to AMA

When are people inducing prior to week 40 when over 40 years of age?

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  • That's an interesting question. I will be 40 a few weeks after my EDD, I meet my midwife next Monday and that's one of the things I was going to ask about!
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  • Please let me know.   I spoke to my OB yesterday and she said anytime during the 39th week is when to do it. 
  • I will @CornchipLA! I kind of hope it's safe to just let labor happen naturally, as I plan to have a water birth at the hospital. Two of my 4 children were born at home in a birthing tub, and I do worry that if I need to induce that was absolutely change my plan. 
    How are you feeling? When are you due again? I'll take a peek at our previous threads to catch up. I forgot! Sorry! 
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  • Ha no worries! I always have to refresh.  I'm due 2/19 and she wants to induce 2/17
  • @thistle8677 hi and thx for checking in on me on the other board!  Fallon was born this past Saturday with s successful induction.  Now I have a fussy infant who sleeps little because she wants to eat all of the time!  How are you coming along?
  • I'm so excited for you @CornchipLA!
    Congratulations!!!  <3
    I love her name!!!!!
    How are you feeling? 

    I'm doing great! I was finally able to stop taking Diclegis, although I still take unisom at night but I'm happy to say the vomiting is gone (knock on wood!) and my nausea is nearly gone. I have moments now, and not every day! Huge improvement!
    NT scan and genetic testing went very well, we're having a baby girl, Fiona. 

    Starting to research baby gear. It's been a decade since I had my youngest child, and I gave everything we have to start from scratch. So much has changed in ten years.

    Please do check in and keep me updated!!! Xoxoox 

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  • I've never read anything compelling that supported induction because of AMA. I'm rather of the opinion in fact that doctors will use whatever justification to do things the way they want to. 

    Inductions are more likely to cascade into other interventions.  For one thing the drugs they give you make labor far more painful than the natural stuff your body makes that controls labor. 
  • I'm also concerned about this. The NP told me they typically induce one week prior to due date... 
  • Well I typically don't listen to doctors who say its policy instead of telling me why or backing it up with proof.  One clue is that that's not the norm across practices,  that's something this particular office likes to do.   I've had a natural labor and an augmented one,  there's a huge difference pain wise and intervention wise.  Demand facts and proof of the efficacy of the practice.  

    Doctors get away with this because its easy to convince someone who's tired of being pregnant that this is an easy way to be done.  Your usually too busy exhausted and forgetful after your baby is born to do anything about it.  
  • I’m 35 and they want to induce me at 39 weeks. It didn’t bother me so I didn’t ask why, but a few days later started my own research. Reading some medical journals it appears the risk of still birth and c-section starts to increase at 37 weeks with AMA pregnancies. Since I have appointments every two weeks now I trust in their judgment as the high risk pregnancy place recommending my induction is not the same place where I will deliver. My OB/midwife are on board and in agreement so Nov 2nd here we come!
  • In this pregnancy, my OB who delivered my first (at 40 yo and at 41 weeks) told me the new guidance is to deliver a week early so we're doing that this time.  She said it was because of placental insufficiency which I actually had with my first. [My son should have been 8-8.5 lbs by 41 weeks, based on the 36 week measurements, and instead he had "low birth weight for gestational age"  and was under 7 lbs and had this issue maintained his glucose and had to be in the nicu for 3 days :(]. I don't know where this new guidance is from but apparently it's a thing.
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    I thought there had to be a medical condition to induce? I was AMA with my first and now I’m 38 yo with my 2nd. Dr has not brought up induction, and I’m thinking it’s because all my tests are good (BP, weight, genetic, GD, etc). I would rather not be induced since that often takes longer, is more painful and can more often end in a C section. 
  • I've been scheduled for induction at 39w and 5days with misoprostol.  Has anyone been given this med. I found out it's not FDA approved. Also the other meds have the same risk. Just wondering if I should wait for natural labor or be induced with meds that have risk too?
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