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  • I'm so jealous of all your appointments... even after having a "minor form" of GD and a bit of High BP for me 140/90 the last appointment my midwife is not at all concerned (Ive only gained 6 lbs total this pregnancy so far) and I don't have another appointment until 2/16 (I'll be 34 weeks). Therefore I'm still on 3 week cycles, I'm just thankful for an ultrasound at the next appointment.  I guess the good news is that she's not worried ... but it does worry me a bit! 
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    2 appointments this week - one on Tuesday my BP was really high so my doctor called it quits on working.  I was also so swollen I could barely move.  

    Another appointment today.  After just a few days of bedrest BP was down enough to make her more comfortable with the wait and see.  Boys are measuring at 5lbs 3oz and 4lbs 15oz.  On the small side for 35.3 but seems huge to me.  Boys are both breech, and completely out of room so it's a section for me.  I'm super disappointed but they've been breech for weeks so I've had time to make peace with it.  I was also shocked to her that I'm 3 cm and have lost one of the stitches of my cerclage.  How you dilate to 3 with part of a cerclage in is still confusing to me
  • I had my 35 week appointment on Monday- BP continues to be fine, fundal height measuring 34 weeks- baby's heart rate fine and she is still moving around. Next visit at 37 weeks where I assume they will do a cervical check, check for group B strep and maybe order a ultrasound if they are unable to confirm her position for sure (right now OB is pretty sure she is head down but not for certain). 
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