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Weekend recap! 1/30

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! What did you all do?

Re: Weekend recap! 1/30

  • We were really productive this weekend, not that it made my "to-do" list feel any shorter :) It was really kinda low key, with regular shopping and house chores. My mom had a little birthday party for my older brother at her house Saturday. That was fine, except when they started to talk politics. I just don't understand why people bring it up at all! It got to the point were I had to tell my mom enough. She was drinking and that's just adding fuel to the fire, but she made an ugly comment to my husband and that's when I had to tell her enough. No matter their political differences, my husband has never been anything but kind and respectful to everyone in my family and her tone was completely uncalled for. That's my husband and I won't allow my family to speak to him in any disrespectful way! The follow day I had a long talk with her and she said she was sorry and no more political talk. I still get upset when I think about it!
    Other than that, it was good :) 
  • @Bok Bagok noo! Political discussions are a terrible idea. Why do people think it's a good idea to talk about it with family. Or online? I'll never understand why people debate politics on Facebook. 

    My weekend was exhausting and disappointing. The last two weekends were the ones I had allotted to work on the nursery. But my husband has been sick with a fever for eleven days now. So we haven't done anything. Plus, the one throwing my first baby shower didn't get the invitations sent this past week or this weekend and they're going out rather late now. I'm so overwhelmed by the fact that the nursery isn't even sort of ready, and we still have nothing for this child except for ten onesies from my mom, a swaddle, a diaper bag, and a bottle. That's literally it. My baby showers are all scheduled so late in this pregnancy that I'm afraid I won't have time to put things away and nest. I'm just really freaking out about it. I wish DH would just let me buy some things, but he wants to wait and see what we get first. Oh my gosh. And he will not commit to a name for this baby. At this point I'm just going to pick for us. 

    But besides the baby stuff, DH is just so exhausted, the house is a mess, I haven't had a hug from my husband in eleven days, and I'm so worried about him. He should be getting blood tests today but frankly I'm angry at the doctor for making him wait this long before ordering tests. 

    Ugh. Frustrating weekend. Thanks for letting me vent. Haha. 
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  • @HGRich Wow, sorry to hear your husband is still sick with a fever! That's just crazy! What are those doctors even doing?
    As for being worried about not being ready in time for baby. I'd be all feeling rushed and hurried too cause I HATE when there's tasks to be done hovering over my head but I need to wait for whatever reason to do them. BUT, try not to worry, after you have your baby showers, you'll be surprised how quickly you can get all that stuff in order, take an inventory and go shopping for whatever else you need. It will be a whirlwind, but a fun one! If you're able it might be fun to even take an extra day off work and go shopping for the stuff you need, that way it won't feel like it's cutting into your weekend time. 
  • Thanks @Bok Bagok. Honestly I think I've needed somebody to tell me it's going to be fine and I'll have enough time. Haha. But as a FTM and with it being first grandbaby on all sides, my mother and my mil are asking about the nursery and baby stuff too and stressing me out. They're not helping. lol. But you're right. I need to keep telling myself that even if she's a little early, which is unlikely with a first, I'll still have at minimum four weeks to finish it all up. And I'm kind of reconsidering my plan to work up to the due date and see about leaving a week or two before. 
  • @hgrich leaving work a week before she arrives is a great idea IMO. Especially, if I remember correctly, you aren't planning on returning to work, it's not like you would be eating into fmla time off. With my first I worked and also took off the week before even though it did take away from some of my FMLA time, to me it was worth it to have a week to relax and just sorta hang around the house doing whatever little stuff I wanted.
    worst case scenario, you don't have anything more than what you have now, all the baby really needs is you, her daddy, milk/formula, a couple onies/sleepers, a place to sleep and diapers, all that other just stuff. And even all that stuff can be bought by making one stop to any one of those big box stores. 
  • @Bok Bagok agreed. Thank you. I really think I will plan to leave early. And you're right--I don't need to worry about cutting into leave time. I keep telling myself, if something happened and she arrived today, she'd be in the nicu long enough for us to get the essentials anyway. But I need to stop running through the worst case scenario. Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I always have to worry about something. 
  • @HGRich I'm so sorry that the nursery is a source of stress for you right now - I know how feeling unprepared can make you a little crazy. I'm hoping that you get most of the stuff you need from your showers and don't have to buy much yourself at all! And your right - even if baby is born early, you'll still have time to gather the things you will need and put things together before LO comes home. 

    @Bok Bagok I cringe every time politics comes up right now... there's just no good way for it to end. My DH loves to stir that pot all the time and it drives me up the wall! 

    My weekend was pretty low key, which was much needed because we've had guests the last three weekends, so I needed some time to relax! The only exciting thing I did happened Saturday... I work with college students and a few years ago I introduced two amazing students who just graduated. Last weekend they got engaged and they asked me out to lunch on Saturday to thank me for introducing them which was absolutely adorable. 
  • @justanotherusername16 that was really sweet of those two students to take you out for lunch. Nice little story :)
  • Oh man it sounds like we could have a side discussion about how bad an idea it is to discuss politics with family! We had dinner at my in- laws for my BIL's bday Sunday night and my other BIL is such a pot stirrer! He's kind of out there in his beliefs too, crazy conspiracy theories and the like, and it had led to major blow ups in the past but he just can't let things go and be civil!  Randomly, he's also like super excited about the pregnancy and texts my husband all the time to see how I'm doing. While I'm just sitting there wondering how I'm going to deal with it down the road when he has his own kids and doesn't get them vaccinated. 

    Other than that, I had a good weekend. Hubby and I went to dinner and a movie Friday night. I highly recommend Hidden Figures. Saturday I went with my mom to the local outlet mall that had a Motherhood Maternity. I wear dresses to work mostly and they're still fine, but pants have started to feel tight. They didn't have much in the way of work pants but I did get 2 pairs of tall jeans so I was excited about that! On the way home we strolled through a babys r us just to look at some things. So overwhelming!
  • @cpr79 your BIL might be related to my entire IL family! My husband is like the only sane one and they will call him andbtell him about some conspiracy video they saw on YouTube and my husband is left to calm them down. 
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