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Appointments: Week of January 30

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You get an appointment! You get an appointment! Everybody gets an appointment!!!!!


Re: Appointments: Week of January 30

  • 37 week appointment on Wednesday. Anxious to see if all these BH that I've been having are progressing me anymore. I was 2cm and about 50% at my appt. last week. Other that nothing special. 
  • 37 week appt tomorrow and Im excited to hear ultrasound results and have a chat about our plan for the next few weeks. 

  • Regular 37 week appointment on Wednesday, nothing special going on.
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  • Normal 37 week appointment on Thursday. I'll get the results of the GBS swab from 2 weeks ago and I think he plans to do a cervix check each appointment now. 
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  • starting my weekly appointments as of this Wednesday. I'm excited because it means 1. Only a few more weeks to have to go to work. 2. Baby will be here soon!!

  • Three different appointments on Wednesday February 1st (37weeks) They are doing a sizing ultrasound, NST and fluid check and then I will have my regular appointment with Dr. I am glad my OB office is actually inside the hospital so convenient. I also tested positive for GBS last week so that makes me a little nervous and then on top of it my diastolic blood pressure was high. Hoping things go smoothly even with all my issues.. Cant wait to meet baby #4 Good luck to everyone I think we are all full term this week!! :) <3 
  • kswiger06 said:
    My husband talked me into waiting to cancel the unnecessary induction, until today, to give myself time to really think about it. I just cancelled it and scheduled my 39 week appointment for Friday. Hopefully the baby comes all on his own this week so my Dr can deliver, but if not then oh well. Unless they call me back with a major concern or reason to change my plans, this is it. :)
    Have you thought about castor oil to help labor start?  I listen to a birth podcast and everyone that told their story has said it's made them go in to labor!
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  • RE: Castor Oil-- just be careful! It can work but you can also exhaust/dehydrate yourself with it.
  • My OB said absolutely no to castor oil. She said it can dehydrate you and also can make the baby prematurely poop in the uterus. She said she's seen too many "devastating consequences" from it. Not sure what that meant, but it scared the shit out of me. And that was totally not intended to be a pun! But, I would ask your OB/MW on that! 
  • @CurlyCupcake21 I haven't put much thought into anything like that to help start labor. I'd like to have had my regular OB deliver the baby, but I'm not really comfortable with anything that's supposed to help start labor. I did do some quick Google searches on different options and even the induction process, and it just seemed like more stress on my body and baby than needed if I can just wait a couple days and go into labor naturally. (Sorry if that's not the accepted grammar for what I'm saying) My step ladder would be to go into labor when my body is ready, then before induction, try at home things to start labor, then lastly be induced if necessary. My other kids came a few days after the 39 week mark, so my husband had thought that since Thursday is 39 weeks, I might prefer the induction so I could still have my Dr. So I'm just hoping baby comes on his own this week, for my own personal comfort with the dr. If he waits, then I'm ok with it, I've just been a Rollercoaster of emotions and got confused when I was initially asked about the induction. :)
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  • Regular 38 week checkup on Thursday, and then acupuncture on Sat.  I know its good for the baby to stay in until 40 weeks, but I just really want to get this show on the road already!!  
  • I'm 37 weeks today, but I actually DON'T have an appointment this week. At my appointment last Monday, I asked my MW if we would be moving to weekly appointments, and she basically said there was no need to see me weekly yet. I mean, I trust her and all, but considering I have GD and my sister had severe pre-e earlier this year, I guess I was just surprised that they don't want to see me weekly until 38 weeks. But my GD has been very well-controlled, and I check my BP daily (and know all the signs of pre-e), so I guess that's why they don't need to see me this week? I think I just wanted weekly appointments because it's a sign I am getting to the end, and not having that is bumming me out.
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  • @madamerwin she doesn't need to see you weekly "yet"?.. I would also prefer to be seen weekly by that point, but I guess there wasn't really anything going on between my 36 and 38 week appointments. Kind of surprising though when there are medical concerns to be watching for with you. I guess as long as you feel your baby moving and you feel good it might not be necessary for a check up? Hopefully this week goes quickly for you. :) 
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  • RE: castor oil. I'd definitely ask before anyone tries that. It can make you throw up a lot and just in general feel bad. It does work sometimes, but I think labor would be 10x harder if I just puked a ton before it even got started.
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  • Yeah I read some nasty effects of using castor oil. Basically the only home methods I might ever consider is sex, (because that hasn't been going on in a while!) And the spicy food thing, and walking him out... Basically the things that probably don't work lol
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  • @kswiger06 I guess with my GD, since I am not on meds and baby is measuring normally (66th percentile, not a large abdomen according to the last ultrasound), that alone is not a reason to see me weekly at this point. Plus my BP is in the normal range (though it's back to around 120/80, which is higher than it had been earlier in my pregnancy) and I have no symptoms of pre-e. My MW clinic seems only to start weekly appointments at 37 weeks if they have a specific reason to do so; otherwise they start at 38 weeks. They also don't recommend cervical checks, though they will do it if requested, so kind of a hands-off-unless-medically-necessary approach. 

    But baby is definitely moving a ton, and other than more frequent BH contractions and light cramping, I have nothing to report anyway...
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  • @kswiger06 good luck, hopefully the baby comes this week!
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  • Just had my 38 week appointment (my last appointment this pregnancy) saw a male doctor filling in for my regular doc who is out on vacation. Liked him way better, he was so nice, wish I knew that and switched a long time ago!

    ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday 
  • I've got my 36 week appointment this Friday. It's just a regular appointment, nothing special. I think this will be the one that kicks off my one week appointments though.

  • I had a rough go of false labor this weekend where they kept me because of high BP. Tomorrow is my 37 wk appointment at the clinic, and they are going to do a BPP along with the ultrasound previously planned.

    Also, after leaving the hospital, the nurse who kept checking my BP the day I was discharged said "See you Friday." I had mistakenly told them at the hospital that my appointment was on Friday not Wednesday. I'm guessing she thinks I'll be induced?
  • About to head to my NST, then 36 week apt in Thursday followed by another NST. This week she'll be doing another cervix check, and seeing where we stand for my induction. We should also be getting a glimpse of dude on the ultrasound to check fluids etc.

    Part of me would like to be admitted the night before induction so I can get a night of sleep without my 2yo kicking me in the back, but it would also be my first night away from him and that may have the opposite effect on my emotions. Lol. 

  • Went in for a follow-up to my two visits to L&D last week and the doctor treated it like a regular weekly appointment.  They didn't have my 24 urine results yet but my BP was back down to 120/70-something.

    Add me to the GBS+ list.  Not happy about the IV implications; but I'll get over it.

    No comments on thinning/dilation but the doctor did say the head was down further than she expected and she still thinks I'll be at next week's appointment.

    I'm kind of irritated about the whole thing.  This was the doctor who requested I make this appointment, instead of just keeping my already scheduled one for tomorrow (when they would be more likely to have my test results).  I feel like I was stressed out last week and all weekend and it wasn't even discussed because the doctor was overbooked today.  I'm happy that my BP is back down to its normal range, but I would have liked some reassurance or a plan for future monitoring or pretty much any acknowledgement to the entire situation.

    Oh well, moving on as not to raise my BP again...
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  • Well, I don't have a normal appointment this week with an ob/gyn. I actually have an induction at the hospital on Thursday morning. little 1 has ran out of belly room, so my dr doesn't want me going past due date. hope I pop before then.
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  • So, I will be having my baby Wednesday or Thursday. I just got back from my 39 week appointment and apparently the perinatal center really downplayed the stomach issue found on the ultrasound. My doc said I am measuring 5 weeks behind and that even though the rest of him is still measuring fine, his stomach is only in the 10th percentile. She's really concerned my placenta isn't getting him the nourishment/nutrients he needs and strongly recommended we not let this baby go past my due date (this Saturday). She went as far as to say that if it were her (because I always ask what she would do), she'd go ahead and schedule to be induced tomorrow or Thursday. I trust her with my life, so I told her that is what I want to do then. Just waiting to get a call back to confirm date and time of my induction. She never explicitly said it, but she implied his life might be in danger if we wait too much longer to have him :/ I'm kinda freaking out and am scared, but I'm glad we're getting things taken care of....but now all I can think of is my little baby sitting in me starving!

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    In this circumstance I would totally trust what your doctor is telling you @scifichick09 and I think you're right to go along with it. I'm sorry if it's not playing out how you would have liked but I'm sure you'll feel much better about going through with it. I wish you all the best on your induction! ❤ 
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