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Appointments 1.30-2.3

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Hard to believe we are going into February already.

*as we get closer to April can we start to put how far along we are in this thread? I forget sometimes and I think it would be good for people to know when certain things start happening (ie. GBS, NST, and cervical checks)

Re: Appointments 1.30-2.3

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  • @HGRich Yeah, I'm just hoping they sort it out quickly. Sigh  :/
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  • Growth ultrasound today! 27+3. Next month I start going for them weekly, eek

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    Expecting #2 4/30/17

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  • @momtoleo - I felt the same way about my hospital tour with DD.  DD was born at my husband's alma mater so he was just... over the freaking moon about everything.  This time our D2 will be born in my home state in THE hospital we went to, and I felt so much more comfortable. Could it have anything to do with where it is/other associations with it? 
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    2 week appointment yesterday, second appt with the new provider (we are moving out of state in a few weeks so I've been going with my hubby every 2 weeks so I can get established and he works). It's a hospital group with midwives and obs, I'm seeing midwives. So far they're all excellent. We are sooo happy (previous 2 providers where we were at, we were disappointed...felt uninformed and forgotten).

    Baby is head down! Hubby and I both got to feel! Got Tdap.....arm is sore.

    Mentioned  lump on my lower leg that hubby noticed. I'd forgotten about it. I pointed it out to midwife last Aug, it was smaller. That midwife tried to get dr to come look but no one woukd....it was dismissed and I forgot. My new midwife was concerned and measuring it. It white/skin, does not hurt touched or with activity. I'm back in my town Fri and my dr responded to an email he wants to see me. I'm nervous and I hope it is nothing. He's a great dr I trust so much so I hope he has some good insight!
  • Regular appointment today at 37 weeks 5 days. My next one is 2 weeks out. It's getting so close! I found out I passed my glucose test and need to get another tdap shot. 
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  • @Nolegirl1185 Yay! That's good news, and I'm glad the measurement went way down!! 35cm when you are almost 32 weeks (signature stalking) seems like a much more manageable/reasonable number. And that's great that your MFM was able to relieve some of your concerns in regards to being induced. 
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  • @Nolegirl1185 I'm so glad you updated! I was thinking about you today but was swamped at work and couldn't hardly bump. Glad things are measuring closer to where you are. Definitely let us know how the growth US goes 
  • @Taylor72  Thank you!  35 is much better!  I will definitely update after the growth ultrasound next week :)
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  • So glad you got some better news at your appt @Nolegirl1185 !!
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