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  • @wagnerw don't worry you are not the only one.  Unfortunately I have no answers just another question.

    Can you get braxton hicks on one side?  Lately I've been getting some very mild tightening feelings and I was wondering if it was braxton hicks but sometimes it only happens on one side. 

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  • @wagnerw no advice. But you're not alone in your freakout. I'm in total panic mode.  :#

    @aboxofchocolates could be where baby is curled up in one spot? Sometimes I get that too, but figured it was where baby was. 
  • @wagnerw I did not use a diaper stacker the first go around. I just pulled them out of the box as we went  ;) However, I am registered for one now and think it would be a "nice to have" but not a necessity.
    I am a "on demand" mom. The newborn phase is so chaotic and babies are growing so fast. They usually will start to settle down and form their own schedule at some point. Even if it's not a "every day at 3pm, he takes a nap" but more of a "oh, it's been 2 hours since he last ate, yep, he's hungry" kind of schedule.
    I **think** (it's been 4+ years since I had a newborn) that I started tummy time at 1 month and only for short periods at first (5 min). DS HATED tummy time. With a passion! So I tried to keep it short and sweet. But he got amazing head/neck control because I wouldn't  always lay him flat down on his back. I propped him in my lap sometimes as well.

    @aboxofchocolates I have no idea...  :|
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  • @aboxofchocolates ditto what @HGRich said about it being the baby curled up on one side. That happens to me a lot and it feels really tight but it's definitely the baby because if I hold my hand there for a while he will usually kick/punch me lol. 
    @wagnerw I started panicking yesterday. I was hanging artwork in the nursery and just had a breakdown about the fact that I know nothing. I'm taking a newborn care class this week... Hopefully it helps make me feel a little more ready. 
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  • @wagnerw I have no real answers, but I'm in the same boat.  I've spent my whole life around kids.  I've been babysitting since 11, worked in the church nursery, was a nanny, worked as camp counselor for 5 years, worked at the ymca preschool, was a 1 yr old lead teacher, currently teach first grade, etc, etc, etc.  I have a ton of experience with children, but hardly anything with infants.  I'm terrified!
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  • Did those with 2+ notice a personality switch in their preschoolers before baby? My daughter's been acting like a totally different kid and I can't help but worry I've "ruined" her by having a second.. 
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  • @wagnerw
    I never used a diaper stacker, but I didn't have one either.  I set up two changing areas in our house, one in the nursery and one downstairs, so that I didn't have to run up and down stairs every time a diaper needed to be changed.  In the nursery we have a changing table that doubles as a dresser, so I just emptied part of a box of diapers into a drawer.  Downstairs in the living room I kind of just stacked/piled the essentials under an end table.

    2. I don't really know how any one would manage a strict time schedule right away for an infant.  Mine was a terrible day sleeper, but would kind of go in cycles of eating, sleeping, and "playing".  I would not be able to say that he was going to take a nap at a certain time each day, but did know (for the most part) that after a certain amount of time awake he would be ready to eat or sleep.  I also found that as soon as I thought I had things figured out, they would change (he would drop a feeding or a nap, etc.)  I want to say that we were more on a "schedule" closer to 7-8 months old, but even then it wasn't super strict.

    3. I can't remember when we started tummy time, but I feel like the pediatrician discussed it with us.  We always watched him during tummy time and would pick him up or roll him over when he got too frustrated (which happened fairly quickly at first).  Eventually he would tolerate longer periods of time on his tummy.  

  • 1- I have a diaper stacker. It attached to the side of DS's crib, and it is where I put all the diaper changing necessities too. We dont have floor space to keep a box out, his dresser isn't short enough (i'm 5' tall) to use as a changing table, and we dont have room for a regular changing table, so we change him on his bed. However, if you have a dresser or changing table, I would not consider them a necessity. I received it as a gift, and had I not, I probably would have figured something else out. 
    2- Oh, the dreaded schedule or no schedule debate. I took bad advice from my SIL, and NEVER even attempted to put DS on a schedule, and I really regret it. It has taken us about 6 months to even establish consistent bedtime. As newborns, I feel like a schedule is pointless. They will eat when they want, and sleep when they want. However, once a better eating routine is established (maybe 4-6 months?), I plan to put this one on a much more consistent sleep/nap schedule. At least try for naps within the same hour each day, and establishing a good bedtime routine and time.
    3- My home nurse/LC recommended tummy time right away. She said just laying him on our chest for a couple of minutes at a time when they are awake counts. She also recommend just holding him, with his head supported, on your chest rather than cradle holding to promote tummy time. We had a lot of trouble with tummy time on a mat or floor until he started crawling. 
    4- Believe me, you are not the only one freaking out. 3rd trimester freak out has hit in full mode, even as a STM. 

    @aboxofchocolates I sometimes get BH in either the top half or bottom half of my uterus. 
  • 1- We don't use a diaper stacker because we cloth diaper. I use bins and arrange the diapers by size (we use pre-folds and covers, mostly). They are all arranged on our changing table area. (With DD we used disposables...and I did use the diaper stacker on the pack and play...we kept it in the living room. In her room we used bins.)
    2- Newborns are too hard to schedule, so I wait until the baby is out of the newborn stage (usually after what is considered the 4th trimester (so the first 3-ish months of life). Honestly, with DD our in-home daycare provider did an excellent job getting her on a schedule! I was with DS during the time when I would typically start one...and I did a terrible job! Wompwomp.
    3- I think we were told to start tummy time right away. You can lay baby on your chest and have him or her pick up his/her head. Then, you can switch to a mat on the floor. It doesn't need to be long each time.
    4- I started freaking out a bit this weekend (and this is baby 3!). I am not as nervous about the baby, but just about making sure things are ready and my 2 kids feel prepared (and get time with mommy before I am attached to a newborn). We did buy a convertible seat that should last the child's entire life. I also got the nursery cleaned out and we bought a rug to lay. I washed the cloth diapers and baby clothes we pulled out that are gender neutral. Since I am getting to the 30 week mark at the end of the week, time suddenly feels very short...

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  • Wow, thank you so much for all of the responses! There are so many of you and I'm too lazy to tag all of you, but I appreciate it.  :)
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  • Thanks for all the responses ladies. For STMs, when did you pack your hospital bag? Is 36 weeks too late?

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  • @doozenberg I packed mine somewhere around that time frame. I think I had my clothes, toiletries, and baby supplies loaded up and in the car around the time I put the car seat base in. I kept a smaller bag in the house for the electronics (chargers, camera, etc.) that I finished packing and grabbed right before we went to the hospital.
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  • @doozenberg I think we packed a bag around 36w for us and the baby. We installed the carseat base around then as well, we used the bucket seats so we left the actual seat in the house until I delivered. @rachelmiller03 good point about about animal care, we have a cat this time and I'll need to have my sister watch him or check in on him! 

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  • Took my wedding/engagement rings off when I put lotion on my hands last night and they were pretty difficult to get off. Any STM+ find that they could no longer wear their rings closer to their due date? I hate to just not wear them, but I also don't want them to have to get cut off or anything...
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  • @schef070911I didn't have this happen last time, but I remember some women wearing them on a necklace.  I also remember others buying cheapie rings to wear while their hands were swollen.
  • Thanks for the responses everyone. Really good idea @rachelmiller03 for packing a man bag for DH. I didn't  think of that. 

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    Cautiously expecting April 5, 2017

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  • @kcasset haha. I love that part about freaking out together. That is super nice.  :D I'm waiting on the completion discount and the nursery to be painted too. I'll be your freak out partner with those things. Lol. 
  • Does anyone else feel like their due date is off? This baby has been measuring ahead by about 10-14days for the majority of my pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant while in the hospital having a massive panic attack but it was a couple days before I should've even ovulated so it seemed weird to me. I was also not really in the right mindset to be processing the news. And now I lost my mucus plug already (my due date is 4/5 so I'll be 31w tomorrow). None of this seems weird to the doctors but I'm convinced this baby is coming in March and not April. 
  • @ashleym112 I kind of wish you worked at my doctors office because you just made me feel a lot better than they did. Thanks!
  • @McFarKane,

    I second everything @ashleym112 said and want to add for me personally both DS and this one have consistently measured about 10 days ahead and DS was 2 days past his due date so I'm not really expecting this one to be early either. I was all nervous I was going to have a Feb baby (DS was due March 10) as my mom always delivered early and he measured so ahead but nope, due date came and went! :) Hopefully this little gal doesn't prove me wrong cause I still have things to get done! haha!

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  • Took my wedding/engagement rings off when I put lotion on my hands last night and they were pretty difficult to get off. Any STM+ find that they could no longer wear their rings closer to their due date? I hate to just not wear them, but I also don't want them to have to get cut off or anything...

    Mine don't fit anymore :( I put them on a white gold chain and wear them around my neck!
  • @SnarkasaurusRex they did an ultrasound around 9wks and they said I was measuring ahead but they didn't feel comfortable changing the due date. My first pregnancy I got really lucky everything measured exactly on point and my water broke the day before my EDD she showed up a few hours shy of her due date. So this is my first time hearing things are ahead and they weren't very good at explaining what that actually meant. When I had my 20wk ultrasound they actually said either the baby is bigger or something could be wrong (which is what set off all of my worry about this). I got extra blood work done and they said everything is looking fine based on that but I have a few follow up ultrasounds coming up to double check measurements. They also didn't explain to me that you can lose your plug multiple times. I'm not of a fan of my doctors office this time around. 
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    @schef070911 I was able to wear my rings until 36 weeks with DD but had to put them away around 22 weeks with this one. I purchased a cheapie on Black Friday knowing I would need it, just didn't expect to need it so soon  :/

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  • Ok, not really sure where to ask this, but looking for opinions! My husband was asked to go on a work trip March 14-17 (he was told he's the only guy that can do it). We're in England and the trip is to the states (not sure exactly where). It's just the 3-4 days, but I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. I feel like the chances of baby coming that early are slim (my mom had to be induced for all her pregnancies including twins at 40 weeks), but you just never know what will happen. What would you do... let him go or put your foot down? 
  • @BabyBlake042017 Yikes, that's difficult. I thought there was no way I would labor early, but DS arrived 1 week before EDD. If you did go into labor, would you be able to contact him right away, and he get on the next flight? Even though it's trans-Continental, I would check to see how long the actual flight times are- typically (not always) first labors can be long. You could also ask your midwife/OB their suggestion- if they think he would be clear to go or should stay.
  • @BabyBlake042017 I don't really have advice for you, but wanted to wish you luck with your decision.  I would be stressed about it.  Is there any way that he can talk to work about bumping the trip up a few weeks or pushing it back until after the baby is born?  I know that this is probably not an option, as the business world doesn't seem to understand that babies come when they are ready, but it might be worth asking.  Good luck!
  • @BabyBlake042017 is there a deadline for him telling them whether he can go or not? So maybe you can get a little closer to the date and see how you're feeling/what the doctor thinks before you give an answer? Also, I understand how you're feeling. My husband has two trips planned for work in March. I told him starting at 38 weeks he's not allowed to leave the state. 
  • @BabyBlake042017 My husband is going out of state for a conference in mid March when I'm 37 weeks along.  He's going to go with the understanding that that on the slim chance I go into labor he is to drop everything and get on the next plane home. :) I know it's a totally different situation though because a) it's not international travel and b) my parents are staying with me while he's gone just in case anything goes wrong (which is much harder when you're overseas).  Thinking of you and hoping you come to a decision you're comfortable with!
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