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I had a breast reduction in 2012 and the doc told me that I had a 50/50 chance of nursing. I had my daughter in 2015 and had a lot of trouble producing milk and I eventually switched to formula after 3 months BC it was just too hard btw the nursing, the pumping and the formula. It was a vicious cycle. I am due with my second baby in May and have been wondering if I have had nursing issues in the past, if I will have the same issues again or will the supply actually come in. Any mom's out there have a reduction and have trouble nursing or did it work for you? 

Thanks in advance!

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  • Not a reduction, but I did have a large-ish adenoma removed from one breast a couple of years before having kids.  I was worried that there had been enough milk duct damage that it would impact nursing, but was advised to try and see.  Two breastfeeding babies later, it's not been notably impacted. It is possible that I have a lighter flow on that side, as evidenced by a difference in how my younger child latches on that side...she seems frustrated by the flow. But my supply is actually fine...output is good on the occasions when I pump, etc. 

    I had nursing issues with my older child (kind of a weak nurser, slow to gain, had to be woken up to nurse due to low weight/sluggishness, etc.) and my supply took a hit, so pumping, etc. was always a struggle to get just a few ounces.  My younger child, born two months ago, has been a strong nurser from the get-go, and my supply is 1000% better. So, you never know. 
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