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  • shaunessa said:
    I went to Motherhood Maternity yesterday and got a welcoming package of giftcards/coupons. One was for a Seven Sling.  Has anyone used this one?  

    A friend has one. Unless they have changed, they aren't adjustable. So my concern would be positioning. Baby's head should be kissable position.

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  • @Nolegirl1185 Not an expert, but I got a moby wrap as well and the tip I got for living in South Texas is to wear a tank top, and keep baby in a onesie so you both stay cool, and also it helps staying in AC. Regardless of whatever carrier you pick, summers in the south are going to be hot!
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  • @shaunessa I got one when I was pregnant with DS because I had the coupon. I never used it because it
    didn't seem like the baby's would be very secure (just my thought, but again I never actually tried it)
  • Has anyone tried the infantino? It's only $20 on amazon right now and was wondering if there is a reason to spend $100+ more on something else?
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  • edited February 2017
    DH used this one and liked it because he could use it easily without anyone else helping. I personally didn't like it- it wasn't comfortable, but I am petite. Edited to tag you @Stephout !

  • Has anyone used the Ergo performance? I am a big Ergo fan because of the pocket (position, size, and that pocket!). I am eyeing the performance mesh for this summer.
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  • @shaunessa honestly I thought it was terrible.  It was hard to get the right size and never really felt secure.
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  • Just got my Solly Baby wrap in the mail.  DH and I practiced using DS' elmo - haha.  I did really like that both of could wear it.  DH has such a long torso that the Ergo never seemed to fit him right.  Hoping the thin fabric won't be too hot in the summer!
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  • @KirstinH88 Ahhh!! Those are so cute!!
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  • @lovelongdog06 Thank you for all the info!!!  I will definitely be looking into them :)
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  • @Stephout I like the infantino mei tai (or bei dai or mei dai or whatever the correct term for them is now) the kind that ties instead of buckles. I wouldn't get anything narrow based from them.

    @shaunessa I've never personally used a pouch sling but sizing is really important and hard to get right, so it seems most people don't prefer them. Ring slings are much easier.
  • @M&Max We just got a Solly Baby over the weekend and I'm already excited to use it! Plus, I love that DH is also okay with wearing it (got the traditional grey striped).

    We're also registered for a Stokke MyCarrier. That one felt the most comfortable and least complicated to get on and off between the Ergos, Bjorns, etc. I've seen mixed reviews online, but they all seem to reference the older version, so I think the new version addresses those issues. 
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  • @super_sam03 had never heard of the twin weego, pretty cool! Glad you found a way to carry both babies! 
  • I've seen the Twingo in action. Super cool!
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