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HCG levels?

How long did it take your HCG levels to return to 0?  Mine were about 5,000 last Saturday (was supposed to be 11 weeks), and I MC early the next morning.   I had pretty bad nausea today--not sure if it was from leftover hormones or what.  I am ready for my body to go back to "normal" because the way I am feeling is a constant reminder of what happened. I feel like I am in limbo...can anyone relate?
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Re: HCG levels?

  • Mine were 2900 in the er during the MC and hit 0 almost 3 weeks later. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but that's what mine did.

    I can completely relate to wanting to be back to normal! I get excited about the small things (when the pain stopped, when the bleeding stopped, when hcg hit 0). Even though I am incredibly sad, these small victories sometimes help. I never thought I'd be so excited for AF to show up! Good luck!
  • Mine were at 180 at my blood draw two weeks ago; two weeks post MC at 6W5D. I can relate. It totally sucked to know I was no longer pregnant but still having food aversions and sensitivities to smells because of the hormones. FX that your levels go back down quickly. @liz4382

    @pumpkin0913 totally understand the small victories. I was happy once the bleeding stopped and each time I'd take a pregnancy test I'd be happy if there was a faint line, really never thought I'd be looking forward to a negative HPT. 
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  • Oh and I just heard from my midwife that my HCG is now at 21 as of my blood draw yesterday; Almost 5 weeks post MC. I went in for my first prenatal appointment at 5W5D and had blood work done and at that point my levels were at 55,000, and then I MC a week later. Just so you kind of have an idea of where I started. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss @liz4382. Just to show how different we all are, mine took 5 weeks, but my hcg never went above 69. 
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    I had an early MC at 4w6d, but my HCG levels never got above 57. They were down to 0 less than a week after the MC. Everyone is so different!
  • 2 weeks at almost 8 weeks. Not sure how high they were to begin with though. 
  • Mine were down within a week for the second one- no idea for the first because my OB didn't think it medically appropriate to check it I guess. Hopefully you can get back to "normal" again. Hugs.
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  • Thanks all.  I guess there is no way to really know how long it will last, sounds like everyone is very different.  No nausea today but exhausted and a bit dizzy.  I'm so ready to feel like myself again!!
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  • Mine started at 70,000 prior to D&C and I was getting negative HPT 14 days later. Tests were sensitive to 15.
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  • The time it takes really depends on how far along you were and the method of miscarriage (natural vs d&c, etc). I had a D&C at 9w3d (baby measured only a few days smaller) and my levels were at 0 two weeks later.
  • I was at 0 two weeks after a natural MC at 8 weeks.
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  • mine were only about 1100 when I m/c between 6 and 7 weeks. took maybe two weeks to get to zero. 

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  • Mine were at about 3400 when I started m/c at 7 weeks. A week later I was down to 400. Not sure if or when I hit 0, I gave up going for blood draws because I felt like it was adding insult to injury every time I went.
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  • Pre D&C at 9w2d it was 10,000+, it was at 8 sixteen days later, it didn't drop below 5 until twenty-four days post-op. Ovulated 2 days later.

    With chemicals I never exceeded 62 and wasn't really followed down. I ovulated within my normal window.

    This time I was 15,066 at 7w5d. A week after terminating the ectopic (but not removal) I was 4,303. I expect this one will take much longer to drop to zero than normal since I haven't passed a discernible sac and may not be able to since it's in the cornua.
  • My HCG was 29 at 4 weeks 3 days then it dropped to 18 two days later. I started miscarrying at 5 weeks. Doctor referred to it as chemical pregnancy  :/
  • I hated that I still dry heaved the day after I found out about my CP.  Dry heaving in the morning was a symptom I had for that week I found out I was pregnant.  My 3rd draw was when it lowered from 350 to upper 200s.  I'd say about 2 weeks later it was at a 2.
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  • Update: So pre-op I was 15,066, dropped 74% the first week to 4,303. Second week I dropped 83% to 592.
  • I was only 1,300 on December 15th when I found out my baby was dead (via my 12 week scan) but apparently had died at 8 weeks. It then dropped to 352 on the 20th (when I miscarried) then to 6 on the 11th of January and finally 2 on the 23rd of January. I thought it was going to drop at the same pace it started off at but it took longer to finish going down. 
  • Update: only a 58% drop this time to 251. Thus begins the slow crawl  :/
  • Yah, I consistently dropped by only 40-50% each week from the beginning starting at around 1500.  Glad to see you are coming down steadily. It took me 5 weeks to get from 200 to 0 unfortunately.  Hopefully you will drop quicker. 
  • I got from 350-2 in 3 weeks
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    @justsuzie Thanks for the time frame. I had a mini meltdown last night because I'm getting sick of walking around with retained products. It didn't help when I googled "how long can you have retained products of conception?" and came up with a woman's blog where she bled on and off for FIVE MONTHS before passing the sac; without any following by a doctor.

    It isn't an option of a simple D&C for us, but cornual resection due to location... which would delay getting back to TTC that much longer. It's hard to be patient. Thanks for reminding me it isn't forever.
  • @GhanimaAtreides I really hope you get through it quicker than me.  You came down soooo much quicker so I am assuming you will pass everything much sooner.  Take care of yourself. It's hard not to obsess about time and everything ttc related after this experience. 
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