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Stretch marks?

Do you have them? When did they show up? If you're a STM+, when did they show up for you in your first pregnancy? Are they worsening now? Trying to figure out if I'm out of the woods...
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Re: Stretch marks?

  • I gained 70 lbs my first pregnancy so I have a ton of stretch marks.  They started around 20-22 weeks, I think.  They are still there, but are really light in color when I'm not pregnant.
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  • Mine didn't show up until the week I delivered DD. You're never in the clear, unfortunately.

    They fade a lot though and it's not as big of a deal as I first thought. They've reappeared much earlier this time but it doesn't bug me as much now. 
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  • I didn't with DD but I am this time.  I have actually gained less weight this pregnancy compared to this time last time, so it's kind of a crapshoot as previous posters have noted. 
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  • I got my first stretch marks around 12 weeks or so :( I'm at 27+5 today and now have them on both sides of my hips, I've gained about 20-25 pounds total. 
  • Around the beginning of the 3rd trimester I started getting them.  I don't mind them though, because they stayed underneath my belly button area, so I can still wear those cute high rise bikini bottoms.  My mom on the other hand.....boy did I do some damage!
  • My skin is super prone to stretch marks. I got them on my hips, thighs, and boobs just for going through puberty even though I was super thin then. They are all white/flesh tone now and hardly visable, but I just know it means I will get new ones on my belly eventually. 
  • They never appeared with my first pregnancy and haven't appeared yet at almost 30 weeks. I don't do anything to prevent them, nor am I banking on escaping them again, but I can hope. I have stretch marks on my thighs and hips from puberty so I thought I'd get them. I also started this pregnancy 10 lbs heavier. My mom never got them, so maybe there's something to be said about genetics.
  • Not yet, but I'm thinking it's only because I haven't gained much weight yet. Now that the third tri is here and she's going to be gaining weight quickly, I suspect I will. 
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  • I have them from puberty, mostly on my thighs and obliques, but I haven't seen any on my stomach yet at 30+ weeks. I put cocoa butter on when I get out of the shower but know that's no guarantee. 
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  • I have one or two popping up on my belly. I've heard it has more to do with hydration so I'm really trying to be more conscious of my water intake. 
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  • Mine didn't show until the last month or two and were just on my stomach. This time I don't have any new ones thus far, but it seems like the ones I developed with DD are getting pink again. We'll have to see.
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  • With my first I got a few on my boobs after my milk came on (I have implants so the twins were freaking gigantic) then between babies I gained and dropped a ton of weight and noticed (after I lost the weight finally and just before getting preg w this babe) that I have some on the outside of my thighs. Nothing on my belly or anyplace else and the ones on my thighs are very very faded and I can't see the ones on my boobs anymore so I'm hopeful that I may escape some of the more angry looking ones I've seen on other ladies, but who knows!? But my legs are an absolute travesty with the varicose veins so I'm praying I've paid my dues with them. 
  • Honestly mine didn't show up/ or me noticing until after birth and I had the baby 41 weeks 3 days. It's true that they fade over time but when I first got them I was a bit bummed. I also have stretch marks on the chest and thighs but that was from my middle school growth spurt. 
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  • I got them after my first kiddo was born. Which was a little surprising. i weighed like 110 when I got pregnant so I though for sure I'd get them, plus my mom had them all over her belly. None on my tummy. Hips, thighs, boobs and bum got all of them. Didn't get any with #2. Hoping the ones I have on my hips don't come up any higher. They are harder to hide now that I have the permanent mom muffin top going on. 
  • I don't think you are out of the woods until you deliver ;)

    With DD1 I got a few on my butt (my butt gets a lot bigger during pg, ugh) in the last month. They disappeared and couldn't be seen a few months after birth.

    With DD2 I carried her VERY low and I got some on the underside of my belly below my belly button. Same thing, they couldn't be seen a few months after birth.

    None so far this time. I was examining everything to check last weekend. But since mine don't stay visible I am not really all that worried about it honestly.

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  • I don't think you're ever truly out of the woods. Also, keep in mind that while hydration and moisturizing are important, there's a huge component that determines your skin's elasticity and whether or not you'll get stretch marks.

    I got some on my thighs with DS in like the last month...nothing on my belly. My milk never came in so my boobs made it out unscathed. :lol: My thigh ones were always pretty pale and unnoticeable, and I do think they faded quite a bit after pregnancy. Nothing has started to pop out this time, so we'll see. I've lost weight/muscle in my thighs, so maybe those won't get any worse? I do feel like my belly has grown very quickly this time, so I keep moisturizing and hoping for the best, haha.
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  • I don't have any yet (at 30 weeks) which is surprising since I have gained almost 30 lbs. I figured I would get them, since I have them from puberty on my hips/boobs (but they are almost invisible, just a little bit lighter than my skin which is already really pale - I think I am the only one who notices them). I haven't been doing anything to prevent them either, since they don't really bother me to be honest, and from what I've heard it's mostly based on genetics/skin elasticity anyway. 
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  • Hah! There is no "out of the woods" for stretch marks. I gained, by most standards, very little my 1st pregnancy. I only gained about 25lbs but, I noticed pp I had a few stretch marks near my hips. I was pretty regular about lotions and coconut oil on my belly too. I'm not tight enough yet for any new ones but, I'm sure this baby will leave a few to remember her by.  :)
  • With both pregnancies I got them around 4 months in. Only on my hips, upper thighs, and underside of my breasts though lol! They all faded and were barely noticeable 6 months postpartum though.
  • Nothing on my belly yet.  I have been told by about 5 different women to use a specific german oil that prevents it.  I am religiously rubbing it every evening.

    My bum and thighs are a different story.  They were never too supple, and now they just look awful, just soft and large and lumpy and drooly.  This is where I will get marks, I am sure.  This will take some crazy post natal exercise to go away!! 
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  • It depends on the elasticity of your skin. I got them bad during 2nd trimester with my 1st. Up to my belly button and on my boobs. 2nd go around, I got some just above my belly button and developed new ones on my inner thighs and the back of my knees. This go around, I can feel my belly stretch but can't figure out where the new ones are developing cause I'm already marked all over  :D
  • pretty sure I have the start of stretch marks on the underneath side of both breasts. That spot doesn't bother me at all, but I know I'll be a little bummed when they first appear on my bump. 
  • Do you have them? Yes a few on my hips 

    When did they show up? They are from my 1st pregnancy 

    If you're a STM+, when did they show up for you in your first pregnancy? They didn't show up till the very end. 

     Are they worsening now? No they haven't changed. 
  • I was really lucky and didn't get any stretch marks until the very end of my first pregnancy. I had one tiny little battle scar that showed up on my side a little less than a month before DS was born. My Mom didn't have many (if any) from both her pregnancies, so when people told me it was hereditary, I believe it. This time around I'm still not seeing much, but it's hard to tell because I'm veiny so some of the veins look like they could be stretch marks (purple, but not raised), so I'm just going to try to take it in stride. I've been using the Honest Co. belly balm, and while it smells bad, it feels really good. 
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  • I have preexisting stretch marks from some 9 or so years ago.  I gained a lot of weight, fast.  It started with one stretch mark and then they were all over my gut.  Since getting pregnant, I use Palmer's stretch mark cream and bio-oil.  30 weeks & 30lbs in and I don't have any new ones and the ones I had have actually lightened up a bit.  They'll never go away completely but at least now it LOOKS like I had some kids :P 
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  • I got them in the weeks post partum, after delivering when my weight and loose belly skin shifted. 
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  • So far no stretch marks. I didnt get a single one with DD and hoping to keep it that way. But I don't think you are ever truly out of the woods until a couple weeks after delivery even. If I get them.. oh well.... They do get lighter with time I hear... 

  • Bringing this one back to life since it has come up on the Facebook page. I have gotten a couple under my boobs and I think they will start on my hips any day now  :s
  • Found my first two! Uuugh. 
  • I seem to be starting some on my hips and bum, none on the stomach yet, but that can definitely change. 
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  • I've had them on my hips for months, but now I have them on my inner thighs as well. Last night I noticed that the ones on my thighs pretty much extend down to my knees, and I have back fat! It was a very sad night. 
  • I've had them on my hips for months, but now I have them on my inner thighs as well. Last night I noticed that the ones on my thighs pretty much extend down to my knees, and I have back fat! It was a very sad night. 
    This is the worse!  I'm okay, with having some chunk in my thighs, but I hate back fat and its so hard to get rid of!!!
  • @shaunessa Now that I've noticed it, it's been constantly bugging me too! 
  • @jennielynn+ aw! That's sweet. Also I love your hilarious comparisons. Pregnancy has done nothing for my boobs either. 
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  • @jennielynn+ I have been avoiding looking in the mirror as much as possible.  I did notice the other day though that my nipples have started to get bigger and darker and it just looks so weird to me.
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