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Hi Oregon mommy's and daddy's,

Our little one is almost 8 months and born and raised in Amsterdam/The Netherlands. 
We are now contemplating a move to Portland within the next 6 months. As we are Dutch natives, the baby world abroad is quite new to us.
Daycare centers in Amsterdam, are really on every corner. And there is a wide variety of different approaches. Waiting lists are quite common, up to a year in advance

Wanted to find out some things about daycare in the US, but mostly for Portland.
- Is it normal to find a daycare in your street, or will it be normally to have car ride/bike ride to your daycare facility?
- Waiting list. I know it depends on which one you choose, but is there something general to say about this?
- Are there any recommendations of great daycare centers in Portland?
- Costs? I've heard that it's more expensive for baby's then for example toddlers? is this true? Any indication for 3 days a week childcare?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Daycare in Portland

  • Here daycare you'd probably have to drive for unless it's in home day care. My mom. Watches DD so I can't really recommend someone but it does cost about 1100$ a month for daycare for a baby
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