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Similac question

I was googling to see if there is a difference between Similac advance and Similac pro-advance but I haven't gotten a definitive answer. Does anyone know if they're the same thing maybe just rebranded? My pedi gives out sample cans of the pro advance so I wanted to see if they can be used interchangeably. TIA!


bfp 1 - m/c 1.31.11 @ 10 weeks

bfp 2 - baby born via c-section on 5.4.12 @ 37 weeks

bfp 3 - blighted ovum/d&c on 4.13.13 @ 8 weeks

bfp 4 - 3rd IUI, very late BFN with super low P, c/p

bfp 5 - natural bfp while on lupron, baby born via RCS on 4.27.15 @ 39 weeks

bfp 6 - surprise! baby born via RCS on 11.13.16 @ 38 weeks

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