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I'm 6wk 5days and have a 2cm cyst on my right ovary. Doc doesn't seem concerned but they'll watch it. Apparently it will break down. Anyone else? - they say it's fairly common.

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  • Someone just posted it about this in another thread. Their dr told them all PG women get them. I've never heard of it but it seems common apparently. If you search cyst I'm sure you'll find the thread I'm talking about. 
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    Yes, me.  I have one on my right ovary as well that was found during my first pregnancy (that is still there) and I had a pregnancy-induced one on my left that went away after I gave birth.  I just had a bunch of extra ultrasounds to monitor its growth and it was no biggie at all.  When there were some growth periods, my doctor just said to take it easy (not bedrest, but take it easy) because if it burst it would be very painful.  But otherwise, it was just par for the course.  I haven't had my first appt yet so i'll be curious to see how much its grown since finding out this pregnancy.

    ETA:  Since the cyst on my right ovary is still there, I get an ultrasound every year at my annual as well to make sure its behaving itself ;) 
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  • So I had a ton of left ovary pain yesterday that felt like a cyst.  My PGAL brain worked myself up into a tizzy worrying it was an ectopic pregnancy so I called my OB's office and the doctor on call said that in each pregnancy an ovarian cyst actually sustains the pregnancy in the first trimester by releasing progesterone.  I hadn't heard that before and found it very interesting (and reassuring!)
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    With my first pregnancy I had this as well. The doctor told me that each women gets them during pregnancy to sustain the fetus throughout the first trimester, however some feel it and some don't. I remember feeling almost like slight pinching on my left side. I am having the same slight pinching now and am curious if its the same for this pregnancy as I'm sure it is. 
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  • Thank goodness someone else posted about this. I had one on my ultrasound today on the right side. They said it was fine and normal but it’s nice to hear other people have this too. 
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